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“Yes, we must return to Leonster and restore the flag of the Gae Bolg... That's when we can finally have a drink together again. Anyway, take Lord Leif into the castle. An enemy legion is approaching. It's dangerous out in the open!”
—Glade talking to Finn in Thracia 776

Glade is a playable character from Fire Emblem: Thracia 776. He is a 34 year old knight of Leonster. He is also the husband of Selphina and Finn's best friend.


Glade first appears in Chapter 13, where he aids Deen and Eda in the defense of Tahra from the Friege army. He will meet Leif for the first time in this chapter, where he is overcome by joy over the prospect of the prince liberating Leonster from Imperial oppression.

Glade also reunites with his wife Selphina. The couple will discuss which of Leif's parents he resembles more, after which Glade reveals that he has bought a Hero Bow for his wife, entrusting it into her care. Glade also reunites with Finn, where he thanks his friend for keeping Leif safe for the past ten years.

Glade then goes on to continue supporting Leif in his cause to liberate Northern Thracia from the Grannvale Empire. He earns the highest military title of Great General thereafter, where he succeeds in reorganizing the army of New Thracia to form one of the most formidable elite fighting forces on the continent.


Fiercely patriotic by nature, Glade is portrayed as a character who has no qualms fighting tooth and nail for his country. This can be seen in Chapter 13, where he jumps straight into the fray of Tahra's defense with little regard for his personal safety.

Glade is also known to be a compassionate person. This can seen when he talks to Selphina, expressing pain and remorse over having led a squadron of knights to their deaths.



Name Class Chapter Affiliation Recruit
FE5 Duke Knight
Duke Knight
13 Player Automatically from the start

Base Stats[]

Starting Class
FE5 Duke Knight Duke Knight
SkillsWeaponStarting Items
-FE5 Sword IconSword - E
FE5 Lance IconLance - A
FE5silverlanceSilver Lance

Growth Rates[]

HP Str Mag Skl Spd Lck Def Bld Mov
60% 45% 5% 35% 35% 35% 30% 15% 1%

Support Bonus[]

Character Bonus
Supported by
Character Bonus
  • Supports give a bonus to Hit, Critical, Avoid, and Dodge
  • Supporting characters must be within a three tile radius for the support to come into effect


Secret Book (Artwork)
Subjective: The following part of this article is based upon the editor's personal experiences and opinions, and therefore may not be applicable for all readers.

Thanks to Glade's A rank in Lances and decent base stats, he thus makes for a good combatant straight off the bat. Despite this, his lack of any defining traits such as skills or an outstanding FCM make his combat capability questionable.

While Glade handles himself well outdoors with access to his lances, his low base Sword rank of E leaves him as an underwhelming indoor fighter when he is forced to dismount.


Death Quote[]

“Even if I fall...”
—Glade's death quote in Thracia 776.

Escape Quote[]

“We've done wall we can, sire! We must be off!”
—Glade's escape quote in Thracia 776


If Leif talks to Glade in chapter 13[]

  • Leif: Glade…? A-Are you the knight Glade, sir?
  • Glade: Hm…? Prince Leif?! It… It can't be…
  • Dryas: Hah! Is the mighty Sir Glade surprised so easily? This is indeed Prince Leif, in the flesh—our sovereign lord, and commander of House Leonster's army by birthright! The North Thracian Liberation Army is also his doing—and his to command.
  • Glade: House Leonster's army and the Liberation Army both… Our prayers have finally been answered, Duke Dryas!
  • Dryas: Indeed, Glade—our homeland of Leonster shall live again! Ours will be the hands that release the people from the yoke of tyranny! We will bear the flag of the Gáe Bolg, and raise it once more over the land of Njörun!
  • Glade: Hah… The day has finally come…! Prince Leif… Long have we mourned the ignoble deaths of King Calf and Prince Quan. The hopes of our people now rest with you. Please, milord, succeed your father and realize his will!
  • Leif: I shall! Join me, Glade, and we'll reclaim Leonster!
  • Glade: Hah! You needn't ask, milord! We sworn men of Leonster would follow you through the gates of Hell!

If Finn talks to Glade in chapter 13[]

  • Finn: Glade! You're all right!
  • Glade: Finn! It feels like a lifetime since last we met… How long has it been?
  • Finn: Ten years. The last time we stood together was at the battle for Ulster
  • Glade: That's right… And all this time, you've been caring for Prince Leif? You've done well, old friend. You have my deepest thanks, truly.
  • Finn: The feeling is mutual, Sir Glade. After all, you've been no slouch, yourself—you have helped Duke Dryas raise the next generation of the Lanzenritter, and kept their name alive. Were it not for their aid, I fear Lord Leif wouldn't have been able to come this far.
  • Glade: I merely kept my word, nothing more. When last we were together, we made a pact: I to protect the banner of House Leonster, and you to protect Prince Leif. We swore to defend them both with our lives.
  • Finn: Well, looking around us, I'd say we've finally achieved what we vowed so long ago to do. Our wards stand tall and ready to fight again. Ah, but there's no rest for us knights, is there? Yet another battle unfolds before us. We cannot lose focus, even for but a moment.
  • Glade: Indeed. Until the flag of the Gáe Bolg flies over Leonster once again, we must remain ever vigilant… But when that day finally comes, old friend, I want nothing more than to sit down with you and share a good brew! For now, though, you must see to it that Prince Leif and his retinue make it inside Tahra's walls! We've gotten word that one of House Friege's battalions are due to arrive soon, and it's dangerous enough out here as it is!

If Selphina talks to Glade in chapter 13 (if Leif hasn't talked to Glade first)[]

  • Selphina: Glade! Oh, it does my heart a world of good to see you safe...
  • Glade: Selphina… You came along too, my beloved?
  • Selphina: Of course! Prince Leif heard that Tahra was in jeopardy, and we set off together. Oh, I'm truly grateful to be with you again…
  • Glade: I'm deeply sorry to have worried you. Ah, but… Selphina… Yet again, I've ordered many promising young knights to their deaths… I lament just how weak I am…
  • Selphina: No! My dearest, you are the highest exemplar of a knight of Leonster! I'm proud to be your wife! So, please, don't be so hard on yourself…
  • Glade: Thank you, Selphina. Ah, did the gods smile upon me the day that we met… and seeing you again, here, is enough to soothe my very soul. Ah, I almost forgot! Here. I want you to take a look at this.
  • Selphina: This is…? Ah! How did you…?! A Brave Bow! Just like the ones in the legends!
  • Glade: I came across it by chance during my time in Tahra. I took the liberty of buying it for you, for when we met again… Will you use it?
  • Selphina: Of course I will! Oh, Glade, this is just splendid! Thank you!

If Selphina talks to Glade in chapter 13 (if Leif has talked to Glade first)[]

  • Selphina: Glade! Oh, it does my heart a world of good to see you safe...
  • Glade: Selphina… You came along too, my beloved?
  • Selphina: Of course! Prince Leif heard that Tahra was in jeopardy, and we set off together.
  • Glade: Hah, so I saw! I had the honor of meeting our liege himself earlier. It amazes me just how much he's grown… We parted a decade ago, at Ulster, and now he's already a boy of 15…
  • Selphina: I shared your shock when I reunited with him, as well. To think the toddler we knew so well has grown so tall…
  • Glade: …He's no longer a boy, is he? He's a man. A fine, young man. He already bears a striking resemblance to Prince Quan.
  • Selphina: Indeed? I thought he bore more of a resemblance to his mother. Looking at him, I could feel Lady Ethlyn's grace once again…
  • Glade: Truly? Ah, but he must get his eyes from Prince Quan, at least! He has the same determined gaze as his father.
  • Selphina: Oh, nonsense! He gets his eyes from Lady Ethlyn, too. She doted on me like a little sister, and I remember her face all the better for it.
  • Glade: All right, all right, point taken, my dearest. But there's no need to get worked up over it—he's the child of them both, after all. It's only natural that he'd take after the two of them in a few different ways.
  • Selphina: Ah… You've the right of it, of course. I beg your pardon. It's just that so many things remind me of Lady Ethlyn, and I…
  • Glade: No, I understand… Lady Ethlyn, she… I've always wondered what she felt, leaving her newborn son behind when she rode out that final, fateful time with Prince Quan… Do you think… Was her heart plagued with regret, to have left Prince Leif behind?
  • Selphina: I… I don't know. I remember that when Prince Leif was still but a babe, Lady… Lady Altena used to be so jealous of him. That was always a source of trouble for Lady Ethlyn. Yet despite that, they were a lucky family, and they all had a promising future. My fondest wish back then was to be a mother as strong and wise as Lady Ethlyn when I came of age. But then came that day in the Aed Desert… An act of treachery so foul it could be mistaken for a waking nightmare…
  • Glade: Selphina…?
  • Selphina: I-I'm sorry… I swore I would never cry again…
  • Glade: No, it's better to let it out now. I… know that no mere trinket can begin to make up for what we've lost, but… Take a look at this bow, Selphina.
  • Selphina: This is…? Ah! How did you…?! A Brave Bow! Just like the ones in the legends!
  • Glade: I came across it by chance during my time in Tahra. I took the liberty of buying it for you, for when we met again… Will you use it?
  • Selphina: Of course I will! Oh, Glade, this is just splendid! Thank you!


Glade - Knight of Integrity (律義な槍騎士, Richigana yari kishi)
Glade was appointed Commander of the New Kingdom of Thracia's military—the highest rank in the army. He was entrusted with overseeing the military's reorganization as it swelled in number with North and South united. Initially too large to be sustainable, the army's excess troops were divided into several new branches, with only an elite few soldiers permitted to stay in the main force. The restructuring of the military was successful, and his organizational acumen saved Thracia from a financial crisis.

Choose Your Legends Placement History[]

Round Placement Character Version Votes

CYL1 791 CYL Glade 776 Portrait
Thracia 776
CYL2 352
CYL Glade 776 Portrait
Thracia 776
CYL3 505
CYL Glade 776 Portrait
Thracia 776
CYL4 520
CYL Glade 776 Portrait
Thracia 776
CYL5 482
CYL Glade 776 Portrait
Thracia 776
CYL6 464
CYL Glade 776 Portrait
Thracia 776

CYL7 410
CYL Glade 776 Portrait
Thracia 776


  • In the 2017 Fire Emblem Heroes Choose Your Legends poll, Glade ranked 791st, the last place of both the Thracia 776 portion and the entire poll with a total of 17 votes.