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“Yes. He was burned to death by the terror of Muse. My father worked so hard to end the war with Canaan and the Empire... When there was finally hope of a treaty in Nolzeria, he was overjoyed and headed over at once. But the Empire had somehow resurrected back the Holy Dragon Muse. My father was reduced to ash along with thousands of other innocent people by the dragon's breath...”
—Runan talking about Glamdr

Glamdr (グラムド Guramudo, fan translated as Gramud) is a background character from TearRing Saga: Utna Heroes Saga. He was the duke of Razelia, the father of Runan, and one of the Twelve Heroes who fought in the Leda Liberation War. He was also a close friend of Admiral Vals of Granada, Queen Liza of Wellt, and Prince Arless of Canaan. It is mentioned that Runan has a striking resemblance to him.


After many of the soldiers in Reeve's army were defeated by the Zoans on Il Island, Glamdr and Vals were sent there. The two of them took the Zoans and their leader, Yoda, into custody and pleaded for the king of Reeve to grant freedom to them. As a result, Yoda befriended both Glamdr and Vals. Years after Maeve was imprisoned in the Temple of Water by Naris, Glamdr discovered her whereabouts and smuggled her out for a short amount of time. During this time, he gave her the name "Enteh" and introduced her to Runan. It is stated that he often visited Wellt and intended for Sasha to be betrothed to Runan.

Overjoyed by the opportunity to end the war between Reeve and the Zoa Empire, Glamdr arrived at a peace conference in Nolzeria. However, the conference was attacked by the Water Dragon Muse under Gwenchaos's control, resulting in the deaths of both Glamdr and Arless, as well as thousands of other people.