“For seven long years, Leda and Salia had been embroiled in a war of attrition. As the war grew longer and longer, the king of Leda grew irritated. When he learned that his daughter's birthmark was in fact the Brand of Utna, he decided to make her into a tool of war by invoking the Guardian Dragon Kranion... Princess Teeta wept at her father's feet, begging for mercy... But the cruel king did not care about his daughter's wishes, and her husband was forced to watch powerlessly as his wife... MY wife... was made to undergo the forbidden curse to summon Kranion.”
Gwenchaos talking about Glaus

Glaus (グラウス Gurausu, fan translated as Grauss) is a background character from TearRing Saga: Utna Heroes Saga. He was the cruel king of Leda and the father of Teeta. He eventually became irritated by the long-lasting war between Leda and Salia. After discovering the holy markings on Teeta's body, he ordered the court priest to transform her into Kranion so that she could used as a weapon in the war, resulting in the collapse of both Leda and Salia.

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