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The five Gleamstones as seen on the Shield of Flames.

Gleamstones (輝石, Kiseki lit. Pyroxene in the Japanese version) are magical stones important to the story of Fire Emblem Warriors.


The Gleamstones are five gems required to give the Shield of Flames its full power, similar in nature to the gems in the Binding Shield. They reside within heroes that have been pulled through Outrealm portals into Aytolis. As Rowan and Lianna make allies of these heroes, the Gleamstones within each hero release themselves and attach to the shield.

Whenever a gleamstone manifests, their bearer starts glowing with the color of their gleamstone. (For example, Chrom glows blue due to his gleamstone being blue.) Then their gleamstone manifests and attaches itself to the Shield of Flames.

Marth seemed to be only bearer who was aware of his gleamstone before it manifested as he was not surprised when he started glowing. The other gleamstone bearers seemed completely surprised (Chrom) or mildly surprised (Ryoma, Xander, and Corrin) when they started glowing.

The heroes bearing Gleamstones are Chrom (Blue), Ryoma (Red), Xander (Purple), Corrin (White), and Marth (Gold).


  • The Gleamstones are allusions to the different spheres in the Binding Shield. The five spheres are the Lightsphere (white), Darksphere (black), Starsphere (blue), Lifesphere (red), and the Geosphere (green).
  • Female Corrin is the only Avatar unit and also the only female member of the roster to have a Gleamstone.
  • With the exception of Marth, each Gleamstone seems to match their bearer's color palate.