Glenn is a character mentioned in Fire Emblem: Three Houses. He was the first son and heir of Lord Rodrigue, the older brother of Felix, and the fiance of Ingrid.


Glenn was the firstborn son and heir of Lord Rodrigue of House Fraldarius. Upon the birth of Ingrid of House Galatea in Imperial Year 1163, she and Glenn were betrothed. At only the age 15, he was named as knight in the Royal Guard. It was stated that he could be quite rude and was constantly picking fights with others to prove his mettle, but was highly respected for his combat abilities.

In 1176, Glenn was one of Holy Kingdom of Faerghus nobles involved in the Tragedy of Duscur. Prince Dimitri was deeply affected by his death having witnessed it unfold, becoming a lifelong regret. Glenn's death also deeply affected Felix and Ingrid. In Felix's case, he became heir to house Fraldarius and his personality would eventually change to be much like Glenn's. It also created a rift between Felix and Rodrigue, as they both had clashing opinions over his loss. His fiancee Ingrid took his death particularly hard as she loved him and admired his capabilities as a knight, thus shaping her desire to become the same kind of knight he was. His death, supposedly by the hands of the people of Duscur, formed her grudge against the Duscurians.

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