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Gloucester, located in the heart of the Leicester Alliance, is the domain of House Gloucester.


The County of Gloucester features the widest plains within the Leicester Alliance. Agriculture and cattle-breeding thrive in the region, and it is said that the current Count Gloucester personally works to develop new foods. Its capital, Edgaria, is known for its artistry.

House Gloucester descends from the hero Gloucester, one of the Ten Elites who fought in the War of Heroes. From the founding of the Leicester Alliance in Imperial Year 901, House Gloucester has held a seat at the Leicester Alliance Roundtable in Derdriu as one of the Five Great Lords, and is regarded as the second most powerful family in the Alliance after House Riegan. The current Count Gloucester, father to Lorenz, is ambitious, excels at public relations, and has an influential voice at the Roundtable.

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In Imperial Year 1180, Count Gloucester sends for Lorenz and tasks him with resolving a territorial dispute on verge of violence.

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Known people from Gloucester

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