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Godmother is Maiko Shimazaki's third and final side story in Tokyo Mirage Sessions ♯FE.


Maiko sends Itsuki on an errand to deliver some documents to Nobu, who is set to do a photoshoot of Kiria in Guam. On his way out, however, Kiria contacts him and has him come to Cafe Seiren. There, she reveals that the five-year anniversary of Fortuna Entertainment is coming up, and asks for his advice on what to get Maiko to celebrate. Itsuki proposes that they help finish "My Complex 3", noting how Maiko seemed hung up over not being able to finish it.

Itsuki approaches Nobu about finishing the magazine, but he reveals that the lens he used in the shoot, which was incredibly rare and its original creator has since passed away, was broken. As such, Itsuki and Kiria head to the basement area of Illusory 106 to acquire a crystal that Tiki can make into a new lens. With the new lens in Nobu's possession, Kiria invites Maiko to come with her to Guam as part of the photoshoot. Later, during the anniversary party, Maiko is presented with the completed "My Complex 3". Touched, she thanks everyone, calling them her children.

Completing this side story unlocks Maiko's Backup Skill My First Wallet, which decreases the cost of buying items from stores.