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Golden Emblem is a website about Fire Emblem and Golden Sun, primarily based on Role-Playing. The website's name is a blend between the names of the two games. While the website has only a small community, those in it are all loyal and active members. Of course, it welcomes new members with open arms.


Although the site contains other content like games, the main focus is Role-Playing. The main forum RP is set in a universe after the events in Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn, based on what would happen should Tellius merge with Weyard (the land in Golden Sun). It essentially combines the two universes into one, creating a whole new RP altogether with different elements from both the Golden Sun series and the Fire Emblem series.

However, although there is an RP based in this world, there are also two other RPs created by members of the site: a Soul Calibur RP and a Bleach RP. and even more in development (for example, a Halo RP).

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