Goldor  is a manga character in Fire Emblem: Hasha no Tsurugi. He was the captain of the Knights of Tania and father of Gant.

In a flashback eight years before Bern's invasion of Lycia, Goldor was captain of the Knights of Tania, and a beloved figure in Tania. Despite being in an age of peace, Tania was plagued with bandit activity, which kept the attention of the knights. One day Goldor led a company of knights to investigate a potential bandit hideout in a nearby cave. Unbeknownst to Goldor, was that his son Gant and Princess Tiena had hidden in their supply wagon. Tiena had sensed that the knights were walking into a trap, and alerted Goldor and the knights. The bandits activated the trap, which caused the ceiling of the cave to collapse. In one last act of heroism, Goldor sacrificed his life shielding Tiena from the falling rocks.

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