The Golem (ゴーレム), also known as the Stoneborn in the English version of Fates, is an enemy-only Monster class that first debuts in TearRing Saga: Utna Heroes Saga. Golems are dangerous beings, typically depicted as a formation of rocks granted life through the sorcery of fell magic.

History in the SeriesEdit

In their original inception in TearRing Saga, Golems attack by means of punching their foes with their fists, ones that are classified as Axes in this game. Golems can be summoned as ally units with the Golem Staff. The promoted form of the Golem class is the Stone Golem.

In Fates, Stoneborn are artificial constructs crafted with dark magic employed by Nohr. They attack by means of either hurtling boulders or their clay masks at their foes. On the Conquest and Revelation routes, three Golems can be deployed to protect the Avatar's castle. Unlike Faceless Stoneborn are sentient, as shown with a boss Stoneborn on Birthright. Both monster races have souls, as they can appear as invaders.

In Three Houses, Golems have a more mechanical design compared to its previous iterations throughout the series. They are strange creatures that have been created by the Church of Seiros as automated weapons of war, using Lance of Lights as their signature weapon.



Generally, Stoneborn appearing in-game are hampered by their low Hit Rate and Speed. They do make up for these deficiencies, however, with monstrous HP and incredible Strength and Defense. Each successful attack performed by the Stoneborn may potentially spell instant doom to units with poor Defense, including magic users and healers. In Fates, their new Rock-type weapons also allow them to attack from great distances, making them even more dangerous. With their HP and Defense on par with those boasted by Generals (and possibly coupled with Wary Fighter), Stoneborn are some of the toughest monsters in the games they appear in.


Base StatsEdit

TS401022205-3--TS Axe 1
FE142080430834--FE14 Boulder E

Maximum StatsEdit

TS60251717173020-12--TS Axe 16
FE1470402525252040284--FE14 Boulder A

Class SkillsEdit

FE16Terrain Resistance FE16Terrain Resistance

Lance Prowess Lv 2Lance Prowess Lv 2
FE16 Icon BarrierBarrier
FE16 Icon Barrier SkillVital Defense
Swordbreaker FE16Swordbreaker+
Magic 2 FE16Magic +2

Staggering Blow FE16Annihilation

Barrier ability.
Barrier ability.
Latent ability; active when only two or fewer health bars remain.
Latent ability; active when only one health bar remain.

Staggering blow; innate.


Golems are creature originating from Jewish forklore, usually formed of stone or clay and brought to life by magic.


  • In Fates, the masks worn by the Stoneborn are exact replicas of the famous Roman sculpture The Mouth of Truth.
  • Early footage of Three Houses shows a Golem getting hit by a gambit in the Holy Tomb, but such an encounter is impossible in-game.


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