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“Followers of the false apostle! Bow down to the miracles of our savior! As long as the Maiden of Dawn watches over us, we cannot be defeated!”

Goran (ゲラン Guran) is a boss character from Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn. He is a Daein Warrior who is fiercely loyal to Micaiah.


Goran appears in Part 3 Chapter 11, where his sole purpose is to stall the Laguz Alliance from crossing the Riven Bridge, which is used as a border to connect both Crimea and Daein, however his efforts fail and he falls in battle against the Crimean Army. Despite being a minor boss, Goran possesses a 2-star authority among his fellow Daein brethren.


Owing to the minor role he plays, Goran's personality is not well developed, but can still be gleaned. Goran can be a prideful commander who is fiercely loyal to Micaiah, the Maiden of Dawn, as he believes with her blessings, Daein will triumph in the war, as she was capable of turning the battles even when the odds were against them, and even still, during this sudden turn of event which resulted in his final moments before his death. Goran also possesses a 2-star authority, which hints that his well respected by those in the Daein army and under his command. He also shown to refer Sanaki as the False Apostle, and calls out to any follower who is fighting under her banner when facing them in battle.


Boss Stats

Starting ClassAffinity
FE10 Goran Warrior Sprite.png WarriorFE10Fire.png Fire
SkillsWeaponStarting Items
Shove.png ShoveFE10 Axe.gif Axe - AAqqar.png Aqqar*
FE10concoction.png Concoction

*Dropped when defeated


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The strategy here is to make quick work of Goran. Use hit and run tactics with the Canto moving knights, and some heavy hitters like Ike and whoever is available on foot. Avoid letting your flying units get hit by his Aqqar. When you win, you obtain an Aqqar, one of the stronger crossbows so far. If you brought a Thief, be sure to steal his Concoction; it will come in handy in a later chapter. Be warned - if Tibarn comes near him, he will have a chance at a 1-hit kill, and you will have to restart the chapter.


Battle Conversation

“Followers of the false apostle! Bow down to the miracles of our savior! As long as the Maiden of Dawn watches over us, we cannot be defeated!”
—Goran pre-battle quote

Vs. Ike

Goran: Our troops fought bravely. Their efforts will not be forgotten.
Ike: But your force has been obliterated. I order you to retreat. Continue this fight and you will die.
Goran: Fool, the battle is not over yet! The Maiden of Dawn has helped us overcome every adversity...

Death Quote

“My death means nothing... The Maiden of Dawn...will bring Daein.”
—Goran's death quote


  • Goran is the only boss with a minor role (and not plot relevant) in Radiant Dawn to have have a Star authority among his soldiers.
  • He is the last boss encountered to use Battle of Pride as the boss theme when fought.