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“Beautiful and cursed creatures, whose gaze turns all who behold it into stone.”
—In-game description from The Sacred Stones

The Gorgon (ゴーゴン Gōgon) is an enemy-only Monster class exclusive to Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones. Snake-like creatures with human heads and serpentine bodies, Gorgons are often armed with Stone, Demon Surge and Shadowshot, making them terrifying foes to behold. Hatched from Gorgon Eggs, Gorgons mainly inhabit Neleras Peak, with one appearing as a boss in Chapter 18.



While Gorgons are essentially a secondary variant of the Arch Mogalls, they're significantly more dangerous; they generally boast slightly higher Magic and health over them at similar levels, which more often than not results in most Gorgons capping out their Magic stat at higher levels. They also boast higher Luck and Resistance, which in turn makes them harder to kill, even when factoring in a Bishop's Slayer bonus.

Gorgons, like Mogalls, have their own signature magic weapons; Demon Surge and Stone. While dealing less damage than Crimson Eye and lacking a critical bonus, it's slightly more accurate and has less weight, making them less susceptible to getting doubled in battle. Stone, while extremely inaccurate compared to Demon Surge, is also extremely dangerous as any petrified unit becomes a sitting duck, with all enemies getting guaranteed hits and a critical hit rate bonus that will often result in a death of a unit if a Restore or Latona is unavailable. Stone also has the same reach as a Longbow, allowing the Gorgon to safely try to cast it on enemies from afar if they aren't using them. Like Mogalls, Gorgons can also utilize Shadowshot.

The best method to handle Gorgons is to bring in high Strength units to exploit their low Defence, along with high Speed as their attacks are still fairly easy to dodge with the correct Supports. Bishops and proficient dark magic users can fight Gorgons due to their higher damage, but anima users should avoid them due to dark magic having an advantage over anima.

Gorgons are mainly encountered in Melkaen Coast, Neleras Peak, Floor 8 of the Tower of Valni and in floors 3-7 in the Lagdou Ruins.


Base Stats

FE819-834057611-Dark.gif A

Maximum Stats

FE860-2926263021281525-Dark.gif S

Growth rates



Gorgons are terrifying female creatures from Greek mythology. The term refers to any of the three sisters who had hair of living, venomous snakes, and a horrifying gaze that would turn those who looked into stone.


  • In the Japanese version, Gorgons had flier movement and thus ignored terrain. For the English version, this was changed to mage movement.