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The Gorgon Egg (ゴルゴンエッグ Gorugon eggu) is an enemy-only Monster class that is exclusive to Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones. Found exclusively in Neleras Peak, Gorgon Eggs are immobile units that hatch into Gorgons after a certain number of turns have come to pass.



In this immobile, hapless state, Gorgon Eggs are much weaker than an ordinary Gorgon, to the point where they are extremely easy to kill. However, if they hatch, they will transform into a full-fledged Gorgon that can prove to be a menace on any battlefield they traverse. A Gorgon Egg will gain 5 HP per turn (after certain conditions are met, generally after a certain number of turns or when a player unit gets close), and when they reach full HP they will transform into Gorgons. They award 50 EXP when defeated regardless of the Level of the unit that kills them, which makes them very valuable to units that are under or over-levelled.

Gorgon Eggs encountered in Chapter 18 tend to have around 15-25 HP. The ones encountered in monster skirmishes tend to have twice the amount, usually in the range of 35-45 HP.

Using the control enemy glitch, one can fully restore items such as Myrrh's Dragonstone and even the Hammerne staff itself. For further instructions on how to trigger the glitch, please refer to the Control Enemy Glitch page for more details.


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  • Even though Gorgon eggs cannot attack, on the attack preview menu, it is mentioned that they have either Stone or Demon Surge equipped.
  • By rescuing Gorgon Eggs with another enemy unit via the control enemy glitch, their stats can be viewed. Gorgon Eggs typically have 10 Defense, 10 Resistance, 6 Con, and 0 in everything else. They do not possess any weapon ranks.