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Grégoire, also known as Count Varley, is a character mentioned in Fire Emblem: Three Houses and a non-playable character in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes. Grégoire is the Minister of Religious Affairs in the Adrestian Empire, the head of House Varley, and the abusive father to Bernadetta.


Like many Crest-bearing nobles, Grégoire's only Crest bearing child, Bernadetta, was merely a political tool to be used to increase his power an influence within the Adrestian Empire. In order to make her more desirable as a wife, Grégoire subjected Bernadetta to years of psychological torture in order to groom her into a "good wife". Such acts included tying her to a chair, so as to force her to pay attention as he "taught" her.

Due to his classist views, he also forbade Bernadetta from socializing with any commoner. One commoner in particular that had befriended Bernadetta was soon found to have been nearly beaten to death by Grégoire's goons in order to further isolate her from "the common filth."

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However, Bernadetta's support with Yuri reveals that he'd actually been sent to assassinate her; Grégoire caught him just as he hesitated. This leads to Yuri telling Bernadetta that her father's attempt on his life was (at least partially) to save hers.

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Three Houses

After Edelgard's coup against Ludwig, Grégoire attempts to oppose Edelgard after she ascended the Adrestian throne, but is placed under house arrest and was stripped of his title, remaining in this situation during the Crimson Flower. In the Verdant Wind and Silver Snow routes, Count Varley is released from his arrest after Edelgard's death and resumes control of House Varley, though if Byleth talks to Bernadetta, they are given the option to either restore his house arrest or exile him.

Warriors: Three Hopes

After Edelgard ousts Volkhard, Grégoire feigns ignorance regarding Ludwig's corruption upon hearing the news. Edelgard then asks him to handle her coronation ceremony, while assigning him the control of the Southern Church once it's properly built. This makes him a target of censure and assassination from the Central Church. His new duties as Bishop of the Southern Church also consequently require him to frequently be away from home, much to Bernadetta's own stated relief.

In Bernadetta's C-rank Support with Edelgard, she informs Edelgard that, according to a letter from her mother, Grégoire has become so terrified of the prospect of being assassinated that, in ironic fashion, he has shut himself away to a degree mirroring Bernadetta's own reclusiveness.


Grégoire is described by Bernadetta as a cold and cruel man that subjected her to years of psychological torture. He is one of the many nobles that embody the worst of the Crest-bearing nobility of Fódlan; ambitious, classist, and cruel. In fact, he could be seen as one of the most extreme examples as he was willing to sacrifice his own daughter's life, desires, and happiness merely to gain more influence in the realm without the slightest hesitation, seeing her as nothing more than a useful pawn in his ambitions.

Three Hopes also reveals that Grégoire is quite cowardly and self-absorbed, shown in his demands to be rescued when appearing as an ally in battle and considering himself to be an asset to the Empire when he is more of a hindrance.


  • Uniquely, despite being a subject in need of protection as a mission requirement in the final chapter of the Scarlet Blaze route of Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes, the player can instead let Grégoire die without penalty.


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