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Grassrunner (グラスランナー gurasu rannā) is a class exclusive to TearRing Saga: Berwick Saga. It is the promoted form of the Thief and unique to Czene.


Combat-wise, the Grassrunner fights like a Thief, only with slightly higher stats. Their main defining trait is the ability to ride a horse and, with the exception of the enemy-only Ruffian class, are the only thieves able to do so. Only Czene can promote to the class. To do so, she must reach level 10 and participate in Horses and Thieves. Additionally, during said mission, a unit must have seized the fort. Once these requirements are met, she is able to promote from Chapter 6 and onwards.

Although her stats only receive minor boosts, Czene improves remarkably in this class. With the Light-Cavalry movement type while mounted and the Thief movement type while unmounted, Czene has unparalleled mobility, and is able to do her job more efficiently than before. Furthermore, the promotion cutscene also provides her with her unique horse Tico, who grants her significant boosts. Finally, her Mug skill upgrades into Mug II on class change.