Great Badges (大勲章, Dai Kunshō) are items exclusive to Fire Emblem Heroes. They are used to unlock potential in allies by increasing rarity of a four-star ally.


Great Badges are divided into four types that match the color attributes of units. All types of Great Badge can be obtained upon completing the sixth Stratum or higher in the Training Tower. Each type, however, has a different schedule to obtain.

Name Effect Obtaining
FEH Great Scarlet Badge Great Scarlet Badge Increase ✯ for a 4✯ red-type ally. Tuesday
FEH Great Azure Badge Great Azure Badge Increase ✯ for a 4✯ blue-type ally. Wednesday
FEH Great Verdant Badge Great Verdant Badge Increase ✯ for a 4✯ green-type ally. Thursday
FEH Great Transparent Badge Great Transparent Badge Increase ✯ for a 4✯ colorless-type ally. Friday
  • Saturday and Sunday offer random types of Badge while Monday does not offer any Badge.
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