“Percy, frustrated that his father, Arthur, doesn't visit often, tricks mercenaries into attacking Arthur after convincing them that he's a bandit leader.”
—Opening Narration

Great Heroism (寂寥と嘘と喜びと Loneliness, Lie, and Joy in Japanese Version) is Paralogue 19 of Fire Emblem Fates.


The script for this chapter can be found here.


You will want to bring as many royal units (or a unit that has used First Blood) into this map as you can, because of this Paralouge's mechanics. The Dragon Veins in this chapter can be used to rout the enemy without having to battle them. The Dragon Vein has a radius of 3 tiles and enemy units removed in this manner gives 500 gold each.

The enemy army is divided into multiple groups, generally based on their proximity to your army's starting position. The groups will turn aggressive after a certain number of turns, or after you enter the attack range of one of their units. You should split you army up into two to three teams and position them just outside of the enemy's range, using whatever downtime you have to prepare for the next wave, so that you can fight each battle on your own terms. Avoid the temptation to rush in as quickly as possible, as this causes multiple waves to turn aggressive at once.

On higher difficulties, many of the enemies possess Lunge, which can be problematic when attempting to lure the enemy units into the Dragon Vein. Make sure that there are units nearby to assist in any way possible if the tanking unit(s) get lunged deep into enemy territory.

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