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Corrin has lost a family member to an enemy attack. Losing himself, he goes on a rampage, but a mysterious song envelopes him.”
—Opening Narration

Grief is the First History Mode map of Fire Emblem Warriors Fates DLC Pack. This map takes place within Hoshido and is a loose adaptation of Mother, Memories and Arete Undone from Fire Emblem Fates. This map focuses on Azura.


Normal Battles

Class Mission Difficulty Restriction Deploy Limit Stage Reward S-Rank Bonus Anna's Momentos
Fighter Targeted Elimination lv. 10 Reduced Healing None Aytolis Castle Azura's Pendant Iron Bow None
Pegasus Flyer Gold Rush lv. 18 None None Kingswood None Iron Lance None
Mage Recruitment Battle lv. 41 None None Great Plain Tomebane Sword None None
Cavalier Arena lv. 35 None None Castle Sol Bowbane Lance None None
Archer Ally Rescue lv. 26 None None Desolate Gorge Swordbane Sword None Defeat 1,000

Take five enemy forts

Pegasus Knight Arena lv. 27 None None Desert Arena Swordbane Lance None None
Mage Timed Attack lv. 50 None Fates Heroes Ebony Volcano Axebane Axe None None
Manakete Rendezvous Disruption lv. 65 None None Kingswood Clawbane Axe None None
Swordmaster Shadow Elimination lv. 48 None Tomes & Stones Desert Arena Lancebanestone None None
Spear Fighter Recruitment Battle lv. 21 None None Dragon Valley Bond Charm Master Seal None


Class Mission Difficulty Restriction Deploy Limit Stage Reward S-Rank Bonus Anna's Momentos
Great Knight Rendezvous Disruption lv. 64 None None Ebony Volcano Clawbane Tome None None
Outrealm Fiend Timed Onslaught lv. 38 None Mounted Great Plain Xander's Plate Armor Blessed Lance Scroll None
Mage Recruitment Battle lv. 67 None Nohrian Heroes The World Tree Axebane Bow None Defeat 1,000 enemies

Defeat 1,200 enemies

Myrmidon Gold Rush lv. 42 None None Dusk Castle Tomebane Axe None None
Wyvern Rider Fort Siege lv. 44 Neutralized Effectiveness None Dusk Castle Lancebane Tome None None
Swordmaster Fort Siege lv. 68 None None Fortified Citadel Dragonbane Tome None None
Pegasus Knight Ally Rescue lv. 69 None None The World Tree Dragonbane Bow None None
Archer Pincer Escape lv. 53 None None Castle Sol Sakura's Headband Elixir Defeat 1,000 enemies

Defeat 75 enemies with Dual Specials

Boss Battle

Character Mission Difficulty Restriction Deploy Limit Stage Reward S-Rank Bonus
Corrin (Male) Fort Defense lv. 34 None None Kingswood Bowbane Tome None
Corrin (Female) Grief lv. 65 None None Aytolis City Camilla's Tassels Blessed Lance Opus

Xenologue Battles

Title Character(s) Mission Difficulty Restriction Deploy Limit Stage Reward S-Rank Bonus Anna's Momentos
Here and Now Marth & Chrom Pincer Escape lv. 73 None Unmounted Aytolis Castle Corrin's Hair Clasp Great Festal None
Chrom & Azura Chrom Recruit-ment Battle lv. 76 Mounted Advanage None The Inter-space Hinoka's Scarf Camilla's Maid Costume Defeat 1,000 Enemies


Azura's Wish Niles Gold Rush lv.76 None None Fortified Citadel Lyn's Cord Belt Bryn-hildr's Opus None
Song-stress Chrom, Lissa & Sakura Arena lv. 83 None None The Inter-space Anna's Purse Yato's Purse None

Anna's Battle

Character Mission Difficulty Deploy Limit Stage Reward
Anna A Burdened Heart lv. 90 A Burdened Heart Aytolis Castle Chaos Dragon's Jewel

Xenologue References


  • Because this is a recreation of the original map, the lines from the original game are reused, but Mikoto and Arete's roles are given to Camilla and Female Corrin due to their absence in Warriors. And even though Takumi is in Warriors, Leo is given his role due to him having a better relationship with Camilla than Takumi.
  • This is the first time in the series where both gender iterations of Corrin met each other.
    • This is also the only map in Warriors where both gender iterations of Corrin met each other.