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Gristonne (グストン王国, Gusuton Ōkoku lit. Kingdom of Guston in the Japanese version) is a kingdom in Fire Emblem Warriors. It is ruled by King Oskar from its capital in the Fortified Citadel.


Gristonne is the neighboring kingdom to Aytolis. Long ago, the two kingdoms had tense relations, but in the present the two nations have a friendly relationship and it is stated Oskar lent support to Aytolis when the husband of Queen Yelena died. For reasons unrevealed, the Crown Prince of the country, Darios, is emotionally distant with both his father and the people of Grisstone and spends most of his time in Aytolis and its royal family.

However once Gristonne and its King found out they could gain the power of the chaos Dragon, Velezark by obtaining the Shield of Flames and using the blood of Queen Yelena, it launched a fullscale attack on Aytolis. Darios initially fights against his own country by fighting for Aytolis in the war, but ends up secretly possessed by Velezark and rejoining Gristonne. When the sacrificial ritual to bring Velezark's body was foiled, the possessed Darios sacrificed Oskar instead. Velezark was eventually defeated by the royal twins of Aytolis, Rowan and Lianna at the cost of Darios's life.

It is unsaid what happened to Gristonne after the death of its royal family and losing the war to Aytolis. However it's likely that the kingdom dissolved with segments of it being absorbed into Aytolis.

Characters from Gristonne

  • Oskar - The ruling king of Gristonne and father of Darios.
  • Darios - The distant crown prince of Gristonne who dissociates himself from the nation.


  • In gameplay, Gristonne's units wear a red uniform. Incidentally this is the typical color of Enemy Units in the franchise.
    • Their palette is also used by Dolhrian units.