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“I have an announcement to make! As of now, this village is mine! Groznyi is your new liege! Now, bring every last piece of gold, down to the smallest fleck!”

Groznyi is the boss of Chapter 11 of Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade in Eliwood's mode; he is a Caelin bandit.


When Eliwood's father and his best knights left Pherae for unknown reasons and were rumored to be dead, Groznyi thought his luck had turned around and he surfaced from hiding, presumably, and began attacking villages. However, Groznyi had not counted on the marquess's son, Eliwood, who ironically was to visit the very village where Groznyi would make his first strike after surfacing. Apparently, his ill luck had in no way turned around.



Starting ClassAffinity
FE8 Enemy Brigand Map Sprite BrigandN/A
WeaponStarting Items
Axe Axe - DIronaxeIron Axe


Secret Book (Artwork)
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Being an axe user, Groznyi is weak to swords, and will have problems retaliating. Do not take this for granted, though, as he is still capable of hitting Eliwood or Lowen. He cannot retaliate against ranged attacks, so Rebecca can be used to freely pick off bits of his health, though she will almost certainly not be capable of killing him on her own.

With poor stats all around, Groznyi is little more than an early speedbump in the player's path. Though Marcus can brutally slay him with impunity, doing so will deny one of your less experienced units, such as Eliwood, a free level up. On the other hand, Marcus gains a surprisingly high amount of EXP from Groznyi (49 for a successful kill), and doing so may help preserve a low turncount for players wishing to S-Rank Eliwood's campaign.


“What is this, a pack of children coming to play? You think you can challenge me? What? Pheraean Knights!? But that's impossible!!!”
—Groznyi's battle quote
“Ugh... I thought my luck... was finally turning around...”
—Groznyi's death quote


Groznyi (written as Грозный) is translated from the Russian language as "fearsome" or "formidable".


  • Perhaps Groznyi may have had reason to curse his ill fortune. Aside from Glass (who desecrated a holy shrine), Groznyi is tied for having the lowest luck among all non-Morph, non-spirit bosses.
  • While Groznyi's in battle palette is unique to him, his hair is the standard brown color of a generic Brigand as opposed to the green color shown in his portrait.
  • Groznyi's English unit description contains a slight mistranslation, describing him as being from Caelin specifically, while the original Japanese text simply says that he's Lycian without mentioning any specific territory therein.