“Yes... My father is a fool. He cannot handle the consequences of his own ambitions. Thanks to his greed, Istoria's destruction is now inevitable. He must atone for his sins.”
—Ronald talking about Guiness

Guiness (ギュネス Gyunesu, fan translated as Geunuth) is a background character from TearRing Saga: Utna Heroes Saga. He is the king of Istoria and the father of Ronald. After betraying Reeve and Wellt in the Balt War, he begins invading neighboring kingdoms, including Marl and Venette. He is described as a foolish man whose ambitions have caused the destruction of his country. He seems to be on poor terms with Ronald, whom he would execute for criticizing him. Like his son, Guiness's fate is never revealed, although Istoria is eventually conquered the Leda Alliance Army led by Richard and Tia.

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