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“More sellswords? Ha! Your timing is right impeccable. I'll buy your steel and see you're well compensated for the trouble!”
—Gyral trying to incite the player to side with the Stonewall Knights

Gyral is a boss character in Fire Emblem Awakening. He is the leader of a mercenary group called the Stonewall Knights, and his rival is Dalen, who leads the Riders of Dawn.


Gyral is first seen telling his rival, the leader of the Riders of Dawn, Dalen, to get lost and that the land belongs to the Stonewall Knights. Dalen does not listen and the both of them continue to argue with each other. Unbeknownst to either of them, Chrom and Frederick overhear their argument, aiming to find some way to settle both of their debates before bloodshed comes to a nearby village. At first, they attempt to settle it with diplomacy, but both Gyral and Dalen indicate their readiness to battle, making diplomacy very unlikely. Chrom then decides to end the fighting as quickly as possible by allying the Shepherds with one army or another.

Among Gyral's mercenaries Is Panne's son, Yarne. When Panne approaches her son, she notices that Yarne is a Taguel. Yarne recognizes his mother quickly, and she asks why he consorts with thugs like Gyral. Yarne replies that didn’t have a choice - he only sided with the Stonewall Knights so he can feel safe. This does not please Panne, feeling that her son chose the path of the coward. After a talk between the two, Yarne leaves the Stonewall Knights to join the Shepherds.

The player's action during this Paralogue consists of siding with the Stonewall Knights or siding with the Riders of Dawn. However, the player can side with neither army and take both of them on at the same time. These choices can affect whether Gyral or Dalen lives, though keeping either alive is not mandatory.

If the player sides with the Riders of Dawn, they have to fight the Stonewall Knights. In the end, Gyral dies, and the land then belongs to Dalen and the Riders of Dawn. Choosing this option can make Yarne more difficult to recruit, as he will start as an enemy unit.

If the player decides to side with the Stonewall Knights, they will have to face Dalen and the Riders of Dawn. This choice also makes recruiting Yarne a bit easier, as he begins the battle as an ally unit. The Riders of Dawn and Dalen perish, while Gyral potentially survives and claims the land in the name of the Stonewall Knights.

However, if the player decides to side with neither armies, then both the Riders of Dawn and the Stonewall Knights are wiped out, along with Gyral and Dalen. This option gives the most experience, as well as 10,000 gold at the end of the chapter.


Boss Stats[]

Starting Class
FE13 Generic Enemy General Map SpriteGeneral
SkillsWeaponStarting Items
IndoorBattleIndoor FighterLanceIconFE13Lance - E
AxeIconFE13Axe - B
Tomahawk FE13Tomahawk
Bullion (M) FE13Bullion (M)*

*Dropped when defeated


“Turn around and get lost, swine! This land belongs to the Stonewall Knights! If you need a second notice, I'll write it down on your men's corpses!”
—Gyral threaten Dalen
“You'll never breach the impenetrable forces of the Stonewall Knights!”
—Gyral's battle quote
“Horse and rider both will be red smears across our shields!”
—Gyral's battle quote against Dalen
“Im...possible... Too...strong...”
—Gyral's death quote


  • Gyral shares his portrait with Campari.