“Heh heh heh. I'm here, too. Speak to me for auguries before you engage the enemy. My services are not free, but they may save you from paying a greater price!”

Hannah is a non-playable character in Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade. She is a fortune-teller who joins Eliwood and Hector's army at the start of Chapter 14: False Friends to offer augury of the battles ahead. She leaves the group after they proceed to visit Bern, and her task is then taken over by the newly re-recruited Nils, who offers his services for free. Hannah never appears again, not even in the epilogue, probably as she never was intended to be an important character.

An elderly witch who looks (and laughs) exactly like Hannah appears in one of the villages of Chapter 13 to give the unit visiting it the first mine in the game, which she claims is an invention of hers.

Hannah's AuguryEdit

Hannah's augury costs a bit of money, but it can be quite helpful if the player is unsure how to prepare. Her prophecies usually cover the types of weapons that will be useful in the battle, and the presence of new allies as well as hints on how to approach them.

Initially Hannah charges 50 gold for her auguries, but increases it to 80 gold upon the player's visit to The Dread Isle, horrified that the army has brought her to a colloquially forbidden location. Hannah charges 60 gold for all subsequent auguries until leaving the group at Genesis or Four-Fanged Offense, at which point Nils replaces her services for free.


Hannah is a name of Hebrew origin meaning "grace".

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