“Why do I have to go? No matter what we do, we're all just gonna die in the end anyway.”

Hapi is a character from Fire Emblem: Three Houses. She is an inhabitant of Abyss, and a member of the Ashen Wolves. She bears the Major Crest of Timotheos. In the Cindered Shadows side story, Hapi is a playable character, alongside the other members of the Ashen Wolves.

Profile[edit | edit source]

Hapi was born in the hidden village of Timotheos. When she was nine, she ran away from there wishing to see the world, leaving her parents behind. While roaming around, she was abducted and subjected to magical experiments. As a result, whenever she sighs, monsters are drawn to her.

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The one who experimented on Hapi was Cornelia, the court mage of Faerghus. She kept the girl locked away (seemingly inside the Royal Palace or a nearby place) and, in exchange for good housing and food, used her as a guinea pig. This is due to the power of the Crest of Timotheos, which lets its carrier befriend animals and other living beings (monsters included) with ease.

At some point, Hapi met the Queen Consort of Faerghus, Patricia, who she called by her original name Anselma. They more or less struck a friendship and Patricia helped her as much as possible, angrily calling out Cornelia in her shabby treatment of her younger friend.

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After being freed at age seventeen, she found refuge in a church in the Holy Kingdom of Faerghus. Three years later, however, she was discovered by the Knights of Seiros, and subsequently relocated to Abyss. She saw her relocation as a betrayal since the Church of Seiros explained that they'd actively help her fix her curse, only to essentially imprison her in Abyss when they were unable to find a cure; this caused her to develop feelings of disdain, distrust, and anger towards the Church and the Knights.

Cindered Shadows[edit | edit source]

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She is seen with the other members of the Ashen Wolves discussing about the recent influx of mercenaries when they stumble into the Abyss.

When Aelfric is kidnapped, Hapi and the others meet at the rendezvous point that the captors demanded they appear. This turns out to be a trap, but Hapi is able to balance the sides by sighing, causing a group of monsters to appear and assist the students in driving the bandits off.

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Academy Phase[edit | edit source]

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When Flayn is kidnapped, Hapi shows concern over her, revealing to Byleth that she empathizes with Flayn because of her own kidnapping.

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War Phase[edit | edit source]

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During the 5 year timeskip gap, Hapi went searching for Byleth and in their A support she tells them that she has guilt over them for not being there when an incident in Abyss with monsters happened as a result of her sighing.

If Hapi is sent to fight Cornelia at Fhirdiad in Azure Moon or Arianrhod in Crimson Flower, she will express shock and disbelief after hearing that Cornelia became a court mage for Faerghus.

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Personality[edit | edit source]

Hapi is a passive girl who does not hide her general apathy to life, tending to hold a disinterested attitude towards everything due to her treatment by Cornelia in her youth. This is in part due to her curse, as Cornelia's experiments on her Crest would cause numerous monsters to arrive. As such, she tries to keep her emotions in check and not to sigh as much as possible.

Having a rather negative view towards authority and society in general, she is the most cynical among those at the Officer's Academy towards the church, and its knights in particular, seeing them as self-righteous and only doing good when it's convenient for them, as the Church and Knights of Seiros promised to help fix the curse that had been placed on her when she was rescued by them, only to force her to stay in Abyss "for the greater good" when no solution was able to be found, which she readily acknowledged as truth, but still believes acted as an excuse to make sure that if her powers did hurt someone then it wouldn't be anyone important. She ends up softening her views over time and acknowledges not all of them are bad when the church does truly charitable things (such as taking in the Remire villagers).

Unlike her fellow Ashen Wolves, Hapi is very uncomfortable with having to fight the other nations due to how much she dislikes the idea of fighting people she once knew, often pointing out on the Crimson Flower route that she is not fully onboard with the war, and mainly fights out of belief in the professor, with her quotes changing to her being more remorseful and having an air of self-justification.

She also prefers to call other people by nicknames based on what she sees and believes of them. She calls Byleth "Chatterbox", Edelgard is "Eddy", Dimitri is "Didi", Claude is "Claudester", Hubert is "The Bert", Linhardt is "Linny", Ashe is "Freckles", Yuri is "Yuri-bird", Balthus is "B", Constance is "Coco", and Judith is "Judy".

In-Game[edit | edit source]

Base Stats[edit | edit source]

As a Mission Assistant[edit | edit source]

Black Market Scheme[edit | edit source]

Skill FE16 sword icon.png FE16 lance icon.png FE16 axe icon.png FE16 bow icon.png FE16 brawl icon.png FE16 reason icon.png FE16 faith icon.png FE16 authority icon.png FE16 heavy armor icon.png FE16 riding icon.png FE16 flying icon.png
Level E E E E E C E D - - -

As an Enemy[edit | edit source]

A Skirmish in Abyss[edit | edit source]

Skill FE16 sword icon.png FE16 lance icon.png FE16 axe icon.png FE16 bow icon.png FE16 brawl icon.png FE16 reason icon.png FE16 faith icon.png FE16 authority icon.png FE16 heavy armor icon.png FE16 riding icon.png FE16 flying icon.png
Level E E E E E B E D - B -

Growth Rates[edit | edit source]

HP Str Mag Dex Spd Lck Def Res Charm
35% 35% 45% 45% 40% 20% 15% 45% 25%

Maximum Stats[edit | edit source]

HP Str Mag Dex Spd Lck Def Res Charm
69 41 76 70 51 40 42 61 43

Learnt Abilities[edit | edit source]

Ability Learned at Notes
Sword Prowess Lv 1.png Sword Prowess Lv 1 FE16 sword icon.png E+ -
Sword Prowess Lv 2.png Sword Prowess Lv 2 FE16 sword icon.png D+ Replaces Sword Prowess Lv 1
Sword Prowess Lv 3.png Sword Prowess Lv 3 FE16 sword icon.png C+ Replaces Sword Prowess Lv 2
Sword Prowess Lv 4.png Sword Prowess Lv 4 FE16 sword icon.png B+ Replaces Sword Prowess Lv 3
Sword Prowess Lv 5.png Sword Prowess Lv 5 FE16 sword icon.png A+ Replaces Sword Prowess Lv 4
Icon Combat Art FE16 Sword.png Wrath Strike FE16 sword icon.png D -
Icon Combat Art FE16 Sword.png Grounder FE16 sword icon.png C -
Axebreaker FE16.png Axebreaker FE16 sword icon.png B -
Sword Crit +10 FE16.png Sword Crit +10 FE16 sword icon.png S -
Swordfaire FE16.png Swordfaire FE16 sword icon.png S+ -
Lance Prowess Lv 1.png Lance Prowess Lv 1 Innate -
Lance Prowess Lv 2.png Lance Prowess Lv 2 FE16 lance icon.png D+ Replaces Lance Prowess Lv 1
Lance Prowess Lv 3.png Lance Prowess Lv 3 FE16 lance icon.png C+ Replaces Lance Prowess Lv 2
Lance Prowess Lv 4.png Lance Prowess Lv 4 FE16 lance icon.png B+ Replaces Lance Prowess Lv 3
Lance Prowess Lv 5.png Lance Prowess Lv 5 FE16 lance icon.png A+ Replaces Lance Prowess Lv 4
Icon Combat Art FE16 Lance.png Tempest Lance Innate -
Icon Combat Art FE16 Lance.png Knightkneeler FE16 lance icon.png C -
Swordbreaker FE16.png Swordbreaker FE16 lance icon.png B -
Lance Crit +10 FE16.png Lance Crit +10 FE16 lance icon.png S -
Lancefaire FE16.png Lancefaire FE16 lance icon.png S+ -
Axe Prowess Lv 1.png Axe Prowess Lv 1 FE16 axe icon.png E+ -
Axe Prowess Lv 2.png Axe Prowess Lv 2 FE16 axe icon.png D+ Replaces Axe Prowess Lv 1
Axe Prowess Lv 3.png Axe Prowess Lv 3 FE16 axe icon.png C+ Replaces Axe Prowess Lv 2
Axe Prowess Lv 4.png Axe Prowess Lv 4 FE16 axe icon.png B+ Replaces Axe Prowess Lv 3
Axe Prowess Lv 5.png Axe Prowess Lv 5 FE16 axe icon.png A+ Replaces Axe Prowess Lv 4
Icon Combat Art FE16 Axe.png Exhaustive Strike FE16 axe icon.png FE16 hidden talent icon.png Unlocked after twelve tutoring sessions in Axes
Icon Combat Art FE16 Axe.png Smash FE16 axe icon.png D -
Icon Combat Art FE16 Axe.png Helm Splitter FE16 axe icon.png C -
Lancebreaker FE16.png Lancebreaker FE16 axe icon.png B -
Axe Crit +10 FE16.png Axe Crit +10 FE16 axe icon.png S -
Axefaire FE16.png Axefaire FE16 axe icon.png S+ -
Bow Prowess Lv 1 FE16.png Bow Prowess Lv 1 FE16 bow icon.png E+ -
Bow Prowess Lv 2 FE16.png Bow Prowess Lv 2 FE16 bow icon.png D+ Replaces Bow Prowess Lv 1
Bow Prowess Lv 3 FE16.png Bow Prowess Lv 3 FE16 bow icon.png C+ Replaces Bow Prowess Lv 2
Bow Prowess Lv 4 FE16.png Bow Prowess Lv 4 FE16 bow icon.png B+ Replaces Bow Prowess Lv 3
Bow Prowess Lv 5.png Bow Prowess Lv 5 FE16 bow icon.png A+ Replaces Bow Prowess Lv 4
Icon Combat Art FE16 Bow.png Curved Shot FE16 bow icon.png D -
Close Counter FE16.png Close Counter FE16 bow icon.png C -
Bow Crit +10 FE16.png Bow Crit +10 FE16 bow icon.png S -
Bowfaire FE16.png Bowfaire FE16 bow icon.png S+ -
Brawling Prowess Lv 1 FE16.png Brawling Prowess Lv 1 FE16 brawl icon.png E+ -
Brawling Prowess Lv 2 FE16.png Brawling Prowess Lv 2 FE16 brawl icon.png D+ Replaces Brawling Prowess Lv 1
Brawling Prowess Lv 3 FE16.png Brawling Prowess Lv 3 FE16 brawl icon.png C+ Replaces Brawling Prowess Lv 2
Brawling Prowess Lv 4 FE16.png Brawling Prowess Lv 4 FE16 brawl icon.png B+ Replaces Brawling Prowess Lv 3
Brawling Prowess Lv 5 FE16.png Brawling Prowess Lv 5 FE16 brawl icon.png A+ Replaces Brawling Prowess Lv 4
Icon Combat Art FE16 Brawl.png Fading Blow FE16 brawl icon.png D -
Icon Combat Art FE16 Brawl.png Rushing Blow FE16 brawl icon.png C -
Combat Art Icon FE16 Special.png Healing Focus FE16 brawl icon.png B -
Brawl Crit +10 FE16.png Brawl Crit +10 FE16 brawl icon.png S -
Fistfaire FE16.png Fistfaire FE16 brawl icon.png S+ -
Reason Lv 2 FE16.png Reason Lv 2 Innate -
Reason Lv 3 FE16.png Reason Lv 3 FE16 reason icon.png C+ Replaces Reason Lv 2
Reason Lv 4 FE16.png Reason Lv 4 FE16 reason icon.png B+ Replaces Reason Lv 3
Reason Lv 5 FE16.png Reason Lv 5 FE16 reason icon.png A+ Replaces Reason Lv 4
Dark Magic Range +1 FE16.png Dark Magic Range +1 FE16 reason icon.png S -
Dark Tomefaire FE16.png Dark Tomefaire FE16 reason icon.png S+ -
Faith Lv 1.png Faith Lv 1 FE16 faith icon.png E+ -
Faith Lv 2.png Faith Lv 2 FE16 faith icon.png D+ Replaces Faith Lv 1
Faith Lv 3.png Faith Lv 3 FE16 faith icon.png C+ Replaces Faith Lv 2
Faith Lv 4.png Faith Lv 4 FE16 faith icon.png B+ Replaces Faith Lv 3
Faith Lv 5.png Faith Lv 5 FE16 faith icon.png A+ Replaces Faith Lv 4
White Magic Range +1 FE16.png White Magic Range +1 FE16 faith icon.png S -
White Tomefaire FE16.png White Tomefaire FE16 faith icon.png S+ -
Authority Lv 1.png Authority Lv 1 FE16 authority icon.png E+ -
Authority Lv 2.png Authority Lv 2 FE16 authority icon.png D+ Replaces Authority Lv 1
Authority Lv 3.png Authority Lv 3 FE16 authority icon.png C+ Replaces Authority Lv 2
Authority Lv 4.png Authority Lv 4 FE16 authority icon.png B+ Replaces Authority Lv 3
Authority Lv 5.png Authority Lv 5 FE16 authority icon.png A+ Replaces Authority Lv 4
Rally Dexterity FE16.png Rally Dexterity FE16 authority icon.png D -
Battalion Wrath FE16.png Battalion Wrath FE16 authority icon.png C -
Defensive Tactics FE16.png Defensive Tactics FE16 authority icon.png B -
Offensive Tactics FE16.png Offensive Tactics FE16 authority icon.png S+ -
Weight -3 FE16.png Weight -3 FE16 heavy armor icon.png C -
Combat Art Icon FE16 Special.png Smite FE16 heavy armor icon.png B -
Weight -5 FE16.png Weight -5 FE16 heavy armor icon.png A+ Replaces Weight -3
Armored Effect Null FE16.png Armored Effect Null FE16 heavy armor icon.png S+ -
Dexterity +4 FE16.png Dexterity +4 FE16 riding icon.png C -
Movement +1 FE16.png Movement +1 FE16 riding icon.png A+ -
Cavalry Effect Null FE16.png Cavalry Effect Null FE16 riding icon.png S+ -
Alert Stance FE16.png Alert Stance FE16 flying icon.png B -
Alert Stance+ FE16.png Alert Stance+ FE16 flying icon.png A+ Replaces Alert Stance
Flying Effect Null FE16.png Flying Effect Null FE16 flying icon.png S+ -

Learnt Magic[edit | edit source]

Skill Level Reason Faith
D Miasma Δ Heal
D+ Swarm Ζ Nosferatu
C Banshee Θ Physic
C+ - -
B Death Γ Seraphim
B+ - -
A Hades Ω Warp
A+ - -

Recruitment[edit | edit source]

Hapi can be recruited in the main story after completing Chapter 5 of Cindered Shadows.

Overall[edit | edit source]

Secret Book (Artwork).png
Subjective: The following part of this article is based upon the editor's personal experiences and opinions, and therefore may not be applicable for all readers.

Much like other mages, Hapi's growths tend toward Magic, Dexterity and Resistance, but she also benefits from an above-average Strength growth for a mage (while she's not truly intended for physical combat, the extra Strength does help her offset her spells' Weight) and acceptable Speed. While not as outright powerful as Lysithea, Constance, or Annette, she'll still deal respectable damage. Unfortunately, Hapi has abysmal Defense and poor Luck, making her highly vulnerable to physical enemies who can crit her. Hapi's personal skill, Monstrous Appeal, gives her a unique niche as a monster killer, as she always deals bonus damage to them and can easily break their barriers, though monsters will be more likely to target her and she still has to worry about monsters with magic-immune barriers.

Hapi's Reason spells are something of a cross between Hubert and Lysithea, having access to several unique Dark spells that can let her debuff enemies, attack at a longer range than usual, or dish out a massive blow. She also sports a rather strong Faith spell list, including Physic and Warp, making her highly versatile (although she is neutral toward training up Faith). She also has Seraphim, which is redundant with her personal skill, but is a better damage spell than Nosferatu. Unfortunately, Hapi also has a weakness in Authority, making it hard for her to command higher-tier battalions without considerable training, and even if trained up she has a below-average Charm growth rate, so her Gambits won't be that impressive and she in turn is vulnerable to enemy Gambits.

Hapi's skill strengths allow her to easily become a Dark Knight, Valkyrie, or Dark Flier, all of which expand her versatility and mobility. Her budding talent in Axes also opens up the possibility of making her into a Wyvern Lord, though her weak physical stats make this more of a gimmick than anything truly viable. Still, one could have her take the certification test for Warrior simply for the minimum Strength bonus, which will help offset the weight of her Dark spells. As with any other magical character, acquiring Fiendish Blow is highly beneficial to her damage output, and as with any other female magic user, Gremory is an excellent class to give her double uses of all of her spells and +5 Mag. For other skills, mastering Pegasus Knight for Darting Blow can occasionally help Hapi in getting double attacks, but due to her mediocre Speed, getting Desperation from Cavalier isn't that helpful. Additionally, due to her weakness in Heavy Armor, it is very difficult for Hapi to get Weight -3 or Weight -5, meaning her spells' Weight will remain a continuous problem. Her weakness in Brawling isn't much of a concern, as she cannot become a Brawler, Grappler, or War Master, and War Cleric isn't that helpful for her.

Given that Hapi has access to Swarm Z and Banshee Θ, and has a slightly lower magic growth than some other mages, it can be worthwhile to make her a debuff-centric mage using certain skills. If sufficient time is taken, mastering Wyvern Rider will give Hapi Seal Defense, while mastering Dark Knight gives Seal Resistance. Wyvern Rider is a viable option not just for the abilities. If you can raise her strength with items such as the sacred snowmelt drop or rocky burdock, you can make her a pretty strong unit. Making her a Wyvern lord may be worth it. Coupling these abilities with the aforementioned spells, Hapi will be able to cripple an enemy to make it easier for her allies to eliminate. This can be a useful build if Hapi's damage output ends up falling behind, and also helps a lot against monsters to soften them up for her allies to finish off.

Overall, Hapi's versatility and monster-killing specialty give her a unique niche that no one else can truly fill. Even outside of killing monsters, Hapi also can provide reasonable damage output while inflicting debuffs on the enemy, healing allies at range, or even Warping an ally into the fray.

Gift List[edit | edit source]

Gift Name Type of Gift Description Rank
Tasty Baked Treat Favorite A baked confection made by mixing fruit into dough. Appreciated by those with a sweet tooth.
Smoked Meat Favorite Meat prepared in the monastery’s smoker. The type of meat is unclear, but a meat lover would appreciate it.
Hunting Dagger Favorite A tool used for processing a catch after a hunt. Appreciated by those who enjoy hunting. ★★
Pitcher Plant Favorite A rare plant seen south of Fodlan. Appreciated by those who like flowers. ★★★
Exotic Spices Favorite Spices from a land to the east of Almyra. Appreciated by those who enjoy traveling or cooking. ★★★★
Coffee Beans Favorite Beans meant to be ground and boiled into a hot beverage. Appreciated by those who enjoy bitter flavors. ★★★★
Owl Feather Favorite A feather from a messenger owl that can be used in a variety of ways. Appreciated by everyone. ★★★
Training Weight Dislike A weight that you can strap to your back to build muscle. Appreciated by those who enjoy weight training. ★★
Monarch Studies Book Dislike An essential text for future kings, queens, and emperors. Appreciated by those who enjoy studying government. ★★★
Legends of Chivalry Dislike Stories of knights proving their heroism with brave deeds. Appreciated by those who like reading or admire knights. ★★★

Share a Meal List[edit | edit source]

Meal Name Type of Meal Description
Beast Meat Teppanyaki Favorite A dish that tastes like the wilderness. Thick slices of meat covered with Noa fruit and grilled on a hotplate.
Fish and Bean Soup Favorite A soup made by simmering white trout and chickpeas. A simple yet wholesome dish.
Small Fish Skewers Favorite Made by grilling skewered Airmid gobies. With a muddy flavor and dry texture, this dish is beloved by few.
Sautéed Jerky Favorite Jerky aged in the monastery and sautéed for a delightfully salty flavor. A perfect snack to go with your favorite drink.
Spicy Fish and Turnip Stew Favorite Spicy stew made with Teutates loach and turnips. The monastery's unique recipe features spices from Dagda.
Onion Gratin Soup Favorite Onions stewed with white trout and baked with a layer of cheese on top. Will warm you up from the inside out.
Sweet and Salty Whitefish Sauté Favorite Whitefish is coated in spices and sautéed with dried tomatoes to bring out an addictive salty-sweet flavor.
Fisherman's Bounty Favorite Freshly-caught fish are cut into chunks and stewed together to make this hearty dish.
Pheasant Roast with Berry Sauce Favorite Well-roasted Fódlan pheasant drizzled with a berry reduction sauce.
Fish Sandwich Favorite A simple dish. Airmid pike is pickled in vinegar and served with cabbage between two slices of bread.
Pickled Rabbit Skewers Favorite Hunks of rabbit meat are pickled in bacchus, skewered, and roasted over an open flame to create this flavorful dish.
Country-Style Red Turnip Plate Favorite A balanced meal including red turnip and verona stew, red turnip salad, and sautéed red turnip with garlic.
Super-Spicy Fish Dango Favorite A light snack, popular in the Empire. Small, spicy balls of fried dough packed with white trout and dried tomato.
Pickled Seafood and Vegetables Favorite A Dagdan dish of raw fish and turnips pickled in a vinegar-based seasoning liquid. Rarely eaten in Fódlan.
Daphnel Stew Favorite Minced poultry and onions boiled with salt. The simple recipe lets high-quality ingredients speak for themselves.
Gronder Meat Skewers Favorite Fatty hunks of Gronder fox cooked slowly on skewers. The meat is magically aged for a full flavor.
Sautéed Pheasant and Eggs Favorite Thin slices of bird meat and shredded cabbage, mixed with scrambled eggs and sautéed with spices. Invention of a certain noble.
Cabbage and Herring Stew Favorite Cabbage and Albinean herring stewed whole. The fish guts lend this hearty dish a superbly bitter kick.
Vegetable Stir-Fry Favorite A dish of dried tomatoes, cabbage, chickpeas, and other vegetables, stir-fried with eggs. Nutritious and very filling.
Fried Crayfish Favorite Fried and breaded Caledonian crayfish. Looks much tastier than it actually is.
Derdriu-Style Fried Pheasant Favorite Pheasant meat is pounded flat and fried. Can be served as a sort of sandwich, with cheese between two strips of meat.
Fruit and Herring Tart Dislike A baked tart with stewed herring and Noa fruit mixed into the batter. Popular in Enbarr, the Imperial Capital.
Two-Fish Sauté Dislike Two types of fish are cut into strips and sautéed in butter. This lavish meal hails from Enbarr, the Imperial Capital.
Bourgeois Pike Dislike A gourmet fish dish with Airmid pike, vegetables, and a sprinkle of expensive spices. Popular among nobles.

Lost Items[edit | edit source]

Lost Item Description
Shiny Striated Pebble A small stone streaked with colorful lines. It probably belongs to someone who likes collecting pebbles.
Basket of Berries A basket heaped with wild berries. It probably belongs to someone who is nostalgic for the flavors of the forest.

Tea Party Conversations[edit | edit source]

See also: Hapi/Tea Party

Supports[edit | edit source]

See also: Hapi/Supports

Quotes[edit | edit source]

Three Houses[edit | edit source]


Possible Endings[edit | edit source]

Anna fates portrait.png
"Just a minute! The following section contains spoilers, viewing it will cost a lot. Are you prepared to pay for it?"

Hapi - Beast Master

"Where exactly Hapi went after the war is unknown. Some say she returned to her hometown to live a quiet life, while others speculate she assumed a new identity in the underworld beneath Garreg Mach. There is one incident that is a matter of historical record, however. Some years later, when those who slither in the dark emerged to threaten Fódlan once again, they were defeated by a mysterious woman leading a horde of beasts."

Hapi – Beast Master (Crimson Flower)

"Though Hapi's exact whereabouts after the war for Fódlan are not known, it is widely speculated that she returned to her hometown to live a quiet life. One strange occurrence is a matter of historical record, however. When the Empire began its struggle against those who slither in the dark in earnest, Imperial forces were sometimes aided by a mysterious woman leading a horde of beasts."

Hapi and Byleth (Crimson Flower)

"Almost immediately after Byleth and Hapi had celebrated their marriage in a lively ceremony, the battle against those who slither in the dark began in earnest. Contrary to expectations, Hapi wholeheartedly charged to the front lines and fought alongside her husband until true peace came to Fódlan. Afterward, the couple vanished without a trace—at least until someone claiming to be a descendant produced a chronicle of their lives. According to that account, the pair had retired to a secluded village at the foot of the Oghma Mountains. There, the author writes, they pledged their undying love for each other underneath a starry sky."

Hapi and Byleth (Azure Moon)

"After becoming the new Archbishop of the Church of Seiros, Byleth announced his marriage to Hapi. Her disquieting lineage earned her more than her fair share of detractors, but over time, as the royal couple restored Fódlan together, the people came to appreciate her competence and taciturn wit. Some years later, when those who slither in the dark emerged to threaten Fódlan once again, it is said that Hapi's strength was instrumental in dealing with them."

Hapi and Byleth (Verdant Wind/Silver Snow)

"After ascending to the throne as the first leader of the United Kingdom of Fódlan, Byleth announced his marriage to Hapi. Her disquieting lineage earned her more than her fair share of detractors, but over time, as the royal couple restored Fódlan together, the people came to appreciate her competence and taciturn wit. Some years later, when those who slither in the dark emerged to threaten Fódlan once again, it is said that Hapi's strength was instrumental in dealing with them."

Hapi and Dimitri

"After his coronation, Dimitri assumed the throne of the Holy Kingdom of Faerghus. He focused first and foremost on the restoration of the Kingdom but at the same time worked to expose the schemes of Cornelia and of those who conspired to bring about the Tragedy of Duscur. Always by his side was Hapi, who relentlessly pursued those who slither in the dark and, with Dimitri's help, discovered a magic spell to rid herself of her condition. Once all had settled down, the pair was known to have tea together often in the capital. It is said that Dimitri's tendency to discuss politics during tea time frequently moved Hapi to smirk, shake her head, and sigh."

Hapi and Linhardt

"After the war, Linhardt abandoned his inherited position and instead journeyed with Hapi to the village both she and Saint Timotheos were from. The villagers initially bristled at the arrival but welcomed the two once they recognized Hapi. Combining what he had uncovered beneath Garreg Mach with notes found in the village said to have been left by Timotheos himself, Linhardt swiftly unraveled the mystery of Hapi's unique power. With little to do once the research was completed, the pair embarked upon a life of leisure together."

Hapi and Ashe

"After the war, Ashe was formally knighted and appointed the new head of House Gaspard, which had no successors. He soon married Hapi, whose competence lent much reliability to the governance of their territory. The ruling couple developed a frank and earnest relationship with their people, and the territory prospered. They were also blessed with many children, and their home was always so busy and full of merriment that there was never an occasion to sigh. It is said that Hapi took such delight in recounting Ashe's stories to their children that it became hard to believe she had ever despised knights."

Hapi and Yuri

"Yuri accompanied Hapi to the village where she was born. The surprise nature of the visit, combined with a local custom of massive celebrations for family reunions, made things awkward at first. The party did not get started until nightfall, but Hapi was able to reunite with her parents, and under that starry sky, lasting bonds were forged. In fact, it is said that Yuri, a complete stranger, made such an impression that the welcome party lasted for seven days and nights before he was finally permitted to leave. Years later, they returned for another visit-this time as a couple. The village turned out en masse for the wedding, held under those same stars."

Hapi and Balthus

"Shortly after the war, Hapi and Balthus disappeared. Their absence from the world stage was not lasting, however, as before long they emerged as the leaders of an elite band of mercenaries. The group traveled all over Fódlan helping those in need, with a noted specialty in handling monsters. It is said that these mercenaries lived raucously, laughing often, and that not a single sigh of discontent was ever heard. Some years later, when those who slither in the dark returned to threaten Fódlan once again, these mercenaries were instrumental in dealing with them."

Hapi and Constance

"Once all the fighting was over, Hapi and Constance set out together on a journey across Fódlan. They toured the land as they liked, watching it come together in the aftermath of war. They helped in the rebuilding effort here and there with magic and even the occasional sigh. When their wanderings were done, they returned to Garreg Mach, to which they also lent their restorative talents, both above and below the ground. It is said that they remained lifelong friends, steadfast through thick and thin forever after."
"End of spoilers. It's a pleasure doing business with you!"

Non-Canon Appearances[edit | edit source]

Fire Emblem 0 (Cipher)[edit | edit source]

Hapi is illustrated in the trading card game Fire Emblem Cipher with the following cards:

Etymology[edit | edit source]

Hapi is the name of two Ancient Egyptian gods; one of the sons of Horus tasked with protecting the lungs of the deceased, and a river god associated the flooding of the Nile.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Hapi is one of the few playable characters in Three Houses to not have a surname, along with Seteth, Flayn, Cyril, and Anna.
  • Hapi shares her English voice actress, Christine Marie Cabanos, with Delthea from Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia.
  • Hapi bares similarities to Gaius from Awakening and Asugi from Fates, as all of them call people by the nicknames they give based on appearance or personality.
  • Contrary to the power of her Crest, Hapi expresses difficulty befriending commonplace animals such as cats.
  • Hapi is the only playable character to not call Byleth by a nickname involving their profession.
  • Hapi, Bernadetta, Hilda, and Anna are tied with having the highest amount of favorite gifts, at a total of seven.
  • Hapi has a unique post-timeskip battle model as a Valkyrie.
    • Otherwise, she uses green colors for her classes.
  • Hapi stands at about 5'7" (169 cm).
  • Hapi has the most favorite dishes in Three Houses with a total of 21 dishes.

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