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Harajuku (原宿) is a district of Tokyo and a prominent location in Tokyo Mirage Sessions ♯FE.


Harajuku is a colorful street known for its many different forms of clothing stores such as vintage and cosplay.

In TMS #FE Harajuku is unlocked after some progression in the story. It is represented by one long strip with three notable places to visit:

  • Dona Dona Burger: A burgers place that serves a variety of three items to heal your party.
  • Anzu: A store renowned for it's unique, celebrity-inspired items and costumes, located on a street with very high foot traffic. This store sells costumes for your characters to wear in battle.
  • Crepes Dia: This place sells a variety of Crepes that can heal your party.

There is also an Idolasphere entrance that leads to the Illusory Urahara that is available as soon as you enter Harajuku.


Harajuku is based on the real life Tokyo district Harajuku (渋谷). In real life, Harajuku is famous for being the center of Japanese youth culture and fashion, featuring numerous fashion boutiques.