“I been so tired lately...tired o' runnin'... Why'd they hafta put such a huge price on us, huh? I didn't kill anyone important...”

Harrington (Valentin in the fan translation) is a boss character from TearRing Saga: Berwick Saga. He is one of the leaders of the Neam Bandits, and an alcoholic. A vile murderer, he's known to have personally beat at least 50 people to death, putting him on the Narvia Mercenary Guild's rogues gallery.

Boss StatsEdit

Starting Class
114940484 (+1)
SkillsWeaponStarting Items
CelerityBS SwordSword - 24Avalanche Sword
Potion II


Secret Book (Artwork)
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Harrington can be difficult for an early game enemy. Not only he is very bulky, he is also somewhat accurate, and the Avalanche Sword's additional magical damage allows him to take off over half the health of less durable units such as Faye and Czene. Furthermore, he will retreat to use his Potion II once his HP gets low enough.

Ward is the primary unit to confront him, due to possessing both the highest bulk and the highest offense. Reese should be kept nearby, as Ward's hit rates are not always the most reliable, especially when Harrington is standing on a forest hex. Sylwiss, Ouro, and Dean can all inflict significant damage as well, and should work in tandem with Ward to quickly defeat him.

Harrington serves as the first bounty that can be captured by the player, and is one of the more lucrative ones, with a base payout of 3700 Denari. Because of his high defense stat, using Flourish with Arthur is ineffective (as it will deal no damage), which makes the process of injuring and crippling him even more difficult. He can also potentially negate the work done to injure him by using his Potion II. Because of the lack of reliable and effective tools to inflict injuries and cripples on him at this point in the game, the player may prefer to simply kill him instead of capturing him for double the reward money.

If he has already used his healing item and is low on health, or if Bengriton is defeated, he will attempt to escape the map via the path south of the bridge.


Battle QuoteEdit

“Tsk, now you've pissed me off... All right, let's get this over with. I'll slice your flimsy body to bits, piece by piece!”
—Harrington's pre-battle quote

Death QuoteEdit

“I told you so, Ben... We would've been a lot better off if we'd just relaxed a bit...”
—Harrington's death quote

Capture QuoteEdit

“What are you doing?! Oh, I see, in it for the prize money? You sick bastard...”
—Harrington's capture quote
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