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Harsh Command (一喝, Itsukatsu lit. Vociferation) is an Assist skill introduced in Fire Emblem Heroes. If used on an ally all stat-lowering effects are switched around to stat-heightening effects.

For example, if an enemy uses Fear on an ally they will gain a -6 Atk effect. If Harsh Command is then used, it will be switched to give +6 Atk instead.

Note that Harsh Command will not affect bonus-reversal effect (and associated stat-lowering) caused by Panic, Panic Ploy, Legion's Axe, etc.

Can be learned without inheriting by: Clair, Cordelia (Knight Paradise), Gunter, Saizo and Sanaki.


Fire Emblem Heroes

Name Activation SP
FEH skill support.png Harsh Command Select an ally 1 space away 150
Effects Converts penalties on target into bonuses.
Users Rarity: ✯✯✯