Hassar (ハサル, Hasaru lit. Khasar) is Lyn's father and the leader of the Lorca tribe, one of the three major tribes of Sacae. He eloped with Lady Madelyn, Lyn's mother, to the Sacaen plains. He was later killed by the Taliver Bandits, along with his wife and most of the Lorca tribe. The bandits poisoned the tribe's water and later attacked the suffering people. He was able to save Lyn by lifting her onto a horse, despite being very weak and in pain from the poison, and having it carry her away. He was also apparently General Wallace's rival and friend. Lyn mentions in a support with Rath that he was a quiet man, though not so silent as Rath.

Although his class is unknown, he likely was a Nomadic Trooper, based on Wallace's having mentioned at one point that he dismounted, and in Heroes, Lyn says he was skilled with a bow and a horse, typical of the class.

Etymology Edit

Qasar (alternatively spelled Hasar or Khasar) was one of Genghis Khan's three full brothers. 

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