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“Yar har ho! Me belly's emptier 'n me first mate's head! Fetch me some grub!”
—Havetti asking for food

Havetti is a boss character from Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance. He is a pirate and the boss of Chapter 3. On the second playthrough or above, he will be carrying the Thief Band.


Havetti and his crew of pirates had settled their ship in the port of Talma. During their stay, the pirates intimidate the villagers into giving them money and supplies, so the Greil Mercenaries are hired to drive them out.

During the battle, Marcia comes to confirm if Havetti and his crew know the whereabout of her brother. Havetti says he was onboard for a while and asks a nameless crewmate if he knows what happened to her brother. The pirate says that Makalov gambled with them and tried to cheat the crew when he lost, thus he was thrown overboard.

Calming down his subordinate, Havetti says they are willing to have Marcia work off her brother's gambling debt, but she angrily refuses, engaging the pirates in combat. Ike can potentially help Marcia escape the battlefield.

When confronted on the battlefield by the Greil Mercenaries, Havetti is offered the opportunity to return the supplies and leave town but he refuses and thus is felled in battle, presumably dying.

He appears again on the Fire Emblem World website in the Fire Emblem Awakening background. He, alongside Anna, is one of the co-hosts of the Capture Section, where they give details about the chapters from that game.



*Not present in the first playthrough; dropped when defeated


“Yahar har harrr! Yer bustin' me gut, ye rudderless fool. Do ya truly think ye can face me mighty axe and live?”
—Havetti's battle quote

Battle Conversations[]

Vs Ike[]

  • Ike: Give back what you've stolen from the good folk here and set sail.
  • Havetti: Yahar har harrrr! Now I know yer tetched in the head, lassie! We show 'em our axe an' say "Arrrr," and the gold grub come rainin' down. We'll not be givin' this up!
  • Ike: I see... Looks like we'll have to rely on force of arms, then.

Death Quote[]

“Yaaaarr...arrr... Help me...”
—Havetti's death quote


  • Havetti and his nameless crewmate cameo in Marcia's cipher card, depicting their meeting from the in game.
  • As Pirate is not an in-game class in Path of Radiance, Havetti is in the Bandit class instead.