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The Heart Seal (Parallel Seal in the Japanese Version) is a reclassing item introduced in Fire Emblem Fates.


The Heart Seal allows a unit to reclass into an alternate class. However, unlike the Second Seal in Awakening, it does not reset the unit's level and cannot be used to demote a unit to a tier one class. If a promoted unit reclasses into another class, they will learn all skills related to that tier one class and then all skills from that promoted class. This item can also be used to reclass back into a DLC-class the character once was after having changed back into a basic class.

For example, if a Level 15 Master Ninja reclasses into a Hero, they will learn all the Mercenary skills first, then the Hero skills, unless they already have those skills learned. If not, this means that upon reclassing and leveling as a Hero, they will learn Good Fortune at level 16, Strong Riposte at level 17, Sol at level 18 and finally Axebreaker at level 19.

Item Information[]

Fire Emblem Fates[]

Name Uses Worth Effect(s) / Note(s)
Master Seal FE13 Icon.png Heart Seal 1 2,000 Changes a unit's class based on personality (level stays the same).

Item Location[]

Fire Emblem Fates[]

Method Location
Dropped Birthright: Ch. 13
Conquest: Ch. 9
Vendor Birthright: Vendor Level 1 (One) • Vendor Level 2 (Two) • Vendor Level 3