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The Heaven Seal (天国シール Tengoku shīru) is a promotional item that appears exclusively in Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade, permitting Lord characters Level 10 and above into their respective second-tier classes. The Heaven Seal promotes Lyn into a Blade Lord, Eliwood into a Knight Lord and Hector into a Great Lord.

Only Lyn and the other supporting Lord can use the Heaven Seals that are given to the army; Eliwood is unable to in his version of the story (and vice versa in Hector's version of the story), as his takes place automatically before entering the Shrine of Seals as a plot-related event.

Only three Heaven Seals are mentioned to exist in-game; any others are either unheard of or unmentioned. Should the game be hacked in order to acquire a Heaven Seal in Lyn's story, it remains unusable until the juncture at which the first seal is awarded to the player.

Unlike most other promotional items, the Heaven Seal cannot be replaced with an Earth Seal.

Item Information

Name Uses Worth Effect(s) / Note(s)
HeavenSeal.gif Heaven Seal 1 20,000 Promotes a Level 10+ Lord into their respective second-tier classes.

Item Locations

Method Location
Event Eliwood's Story: Ch. 24 - Start of chapter.*
Ch. 26 - End of chapter.
Hector's Story: Ch. 26 - Start of chapter.*
Ch. 28 - End of chapter.

*Provided that Hawkeye is alive before Ch. 23E/Ch. 24H.


  • The Heaven Seal is the only promotional item referred to in the main plot, being a holy artifact that is specifically able to bring out a user's full potential.
  • Conveniently, only three Heaven Seals exist in the entire continent of Elibe, the exact number needed to promote all the Lords.