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HeeHaw Mart

Hee Ho Mart (Hee Haw Mart in the Japanese version) is a location of Tokyo Mirage Sessions ♯FE.


A convenience store in Shibuya which sells healing items and other helpful items for use in battle. As the player progresses through the story and the characters' various side stories, posters displayed on the store's exterior and the background music of the shop will change. A salesclerk resembling Anna works behind the counter.

The second checkout counter eventually becomes manned by a second Anna dressed in a purple and black variant of the Hee Ho Mart uniform and a Black Frost Mask. This salesclerk can only be seen by Mirage Masters and offers different items for sale, as well as sidequests related to collecting items from Idolaspheres.


  • Jack Frost from the Shin Megami Tensei series serves as a mascot for the store. Jack Frost is also the mascot of Tokyo Mirage Sessions developer Atlus.
    • The store is named after Jack Frost's catchphrase, "Hee-ho!"
  • If the player enters Hee Ho Mart after while Shibuya is under a Mirage attack, the salesclerk will be visibly slouching and will act somewhat lethargic due to having her Performa drained. Also, the mart's background music will not play.