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“I am Hel. I rule over the dead. Those who are unworthy of a greater reward enter my dark realm. King Surtr, Ruler of Flame...your power is now mine.”
—Hel to Surtr in Xenologue 4

Hel is the main antagonist of Book III from Fire Emblem Heroes. She is the queen of Hel and the mother of Eir.


Book II

Hel is the ruler of the land of the dead that shares her name. In Xenologue 4, Hel greets Surtr after his ultimate demise and he finds himself in her realm. She then tells Surtr that he must resign himself to fate, for he cannot best death. Surtr states that the Order of Heroes might oppose death, but Hel responded back that her next task is to kill the members of the Order.

Book III

Hel's armies begin attacking Askr, and Hel sends her daughter, Eir, to infiltrate the Order of Heroes, gain their trust, and kill them on her command.

In Chapter 3, according to King Gustav, Hel fought him in a battle, only for Gustav to escape after she gave him a scar on his face. Then, Hel confronts the Order of Heroes and is defeated. However, she quickly recovers and curses Alfonse, stating that he will die in nine days and that he cannot escape his fate. Gustav indicates that Hel took his own father's life with the same curse.

At the end of Chapter 4, the countdown ends and Hel arrives to take Alfonse's life. However just before she can succeed, Gustav arrives at the last minute and takes the fatal blow meant for his son, fulfilling the curse and saving Alfonse at the cost of his own life.

In the middle of Chapter 6, Hel appears once more and attempts to curse Alfonse a second time following the battle. However, following Alfonse's declaration that he will find a way to defeat Hel before the 9 days were up, she rescinded her curse and vowed to make him suffer in ways he couldn't imagine. She appears before Eir after this, once again informing Eir that she will betray the Order once she gives the order. Eir doesn't wish to do this, stating that she dreams of a time when Hel smiled at her. Hel disregards this, saying Eir will follow her orders no matter what.

In Chapter 13, Hel gives her order to Eir, to which Eir reluctantly complies. After she seemingly completes the task by killing Kiran, Hel reveals that Eir is not really her daughter. In truth, Eir originally came from a world of dragons, where Hel kidnapped her and altered her memories so she could obtain more power. However, right as she's about to kill her, it's revealed that Eir hadn't actually betrayed the Order of Heroes and that Kiran survived. This causes Hel to retreat to her castle, where she prepares to face the Order again. After a lengthy final battle, Hel is defeated and attempts to escape. However, Veronica uses Angrboða's Heart and performs the Heart's Rite, and then Kiran deals the finishing blow to Hel with their two Breidabliks, completely killing her. Before she expires, Eir comforts her and says that although she was not her daughter, the love she felt was real.

Later in Book IV, Triandra creates an illusion of Hel in order to stop the Order of Heroes, although Kiran and the group manage to defeat it.


Death Sovereign
Sovereign of Hel, the realm of the dead. Her power increases as the ranks of the dead grow. She aims for all the living to enter her realm.

Base Stats

Heroes Hel Sprite.pngTitle
Death Sovereign
Heroes Flying.png Flying
FEH skill offense.png Hel's Reaper
FEH skill special.png New Moon
FEH Axe.png Axe


FEH skill offense.pngIron Axe---
Steel Axe---
Silver Axe---
Hel's Reaper---
FEH skill special.pngNew Moon-FEH Star Rarity 5.png-
LunaNew Moon-FEH Star Rarity 5.png
AFEH Distant Counter.png Distant Counter-FEH Star Rarity 5.png
BFEH Guard Bearing 1.png Guard Bearing 1--
FEH Guard Bearing 2.png Guard Bearing 2FEH Guard Bearing 1.png Guard Bearing 1-
FEH Guard Bearing 3.png Guard Bearing 3FEH Guard Bearing 2.png Guard Bearing 2FEH Star Rarity 5.png
CFEH Inevitable Death.png Inevitable Death-FEH Star Rarity 5.png


Secret Book (Artwork).png
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Base Set

Ruler of the eponymous realm of the dead for Heroes, Hel makes her long awaited debut as a playable character as a flying axe dark Mythic Hero. As a result, she is a great scoring hero for defensive Aether Raids maps alongside other dark blessed heroes. Her stats immediately focus on offense with neutral 38 Atk and 41 Spd. Her physical bulk are decent at best but she is lacking in magical bulk.
Hel's Reaper is her weapon and packs incredible assets. Not only does she have accelerated special cooldowns, she effectively has an Iote's Shield, removing her inherent weakness to Bows. The scythe has a bit of an awkward effect where depending on her target, she targets a specific defensive stat. Against Tome and Staff users, she attacks their Def, it they are any other, she attacks their Res. While not true adaptive damage, she can have varying degrees of success against certain units, making her a bit inconsistent. Finally, if she enters combat with at least more than 1 HP, she has a Miracle effect for the first attack that would reduce her HP to 0. All in all, her weapon has incredible applications, but requires a bit more conscious tactics in order to utilize effectively.
Inevitable Death is her unique Skill C and it inflict -4 to the core stats of her foes within two spaces of herself during combat, weakening her foes for herself or her ally to finish.
Luna under her Scythe's effect reduces her foe's Def/Res by 50% on a two attack cooldown. Distant Counter allows her to counterattack enemies who attack from range. Guard Bearing reduces the damage received from the first enemy attack on her during her foe's turn, giving her sometimes deceptive physical bulk.


Hel's weird scythe takes careful consideration to properly counter. In her base kit, she is incredibly strong during her foe's turn, so baiting her is worth considering. She is too fast for Windsweep to work, so using Dazzling Staff units can waste her Guard Bearing effect without worrying about the counterattack. High Def Red Tome units like Sophia, Winter Tharja, and Kiria can take her physical attacks and counterattack if they pack Close Counter. While these are for the most part high cost builds, they will be the most damaging ones. Inversely high Res Red like Idunn, Altina, and Sayri can withstand her Res targeting attacks and deal decent damage, especially Idunn as she targets Hel's Res.

Skill Inheritance Options

Reposition is the only skill needed to fill her only empty slot as it is the universally best assist skill available for a flying unit for ally positioning. Her build is perfectly suited for immediate use on defense and replacing Luna with Noontime gives her sustain.
She can also be built to become hyper aggressive with Galeforce have her quickly mow down her enemies often by herself.


Hel (character)/Heroes Quotes

Choose Your Legends Placement History

Round Placement Character Version Votes

CYL3 68
CYL4 122
CYL5 330

CYL6 343


In Norse Mythology, Hel is the daughter of Loki and is the ruler of the land of the dishonored dead, which is named after her and occasionally called "Helheim."


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