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The crest of the Hel Kingdom.

Hel is the name of the Realm of the Dead in Fire Emblem Heroes. It is the home of the primary antagonists of Book III, and is ruled by Hel.


The dark and lifeless realm of Hel is ruled over by the deity the realm takes its name from- Hel. Hel rules over those who have died, and those who deserve nothing more serve in her army. Every death makes her and her army stronger, and she can control them regardless of if they still have their minds. Hel, and her realm itself, gained much of its power through Eir, who was stolen from a realm of dragons and was killed again and again by Hel for her continued gain in power.

When Hel invades Askr, Hel sends her daughter, Eir, to infiltrate and kill the Order of Heroes. Throughout her travels with the Order, however, Eir grows to care for them, and when Hel gives her the order to eliminate them, she refuses. She instead joins the Order and Veronica in defeating Hel at her castle with the power of Angrboða.

Notable Helians



  • Líf - A general of Hel who shares his name with the founder of Askr.
  • Thrasir - A general of Hel who shares her name with the founder of Embla.
  • Gustav - A general of Hel who was once the king of Askr, until he was slain by Hel.
  • Surtr - The harsh former King of Múspell whose desire for conquest is relentless. After he was dethroned and killed at the end of Book II, he joined the ranks of Queen Hel.


In Norse Mythology, Hel is name of the land of the dead and occasionally called "Helheim". It shares its name with the daughter of Loki, who is the ruler.



  • In Xenologue 4, it was revealed that Surtr was sent here after his death at the end of Book II. Although Hel claims to have his power now, he doesn't appear in Book III.