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Henriette is a character in Fire Emblem Heroes. She is the Queen of Askr, the consort of King Gustav and the mother of Alfonse and Sharena.


Henriette is mentioned by Alfonse and Sharena on multiple occasions prior to her introduction, mainly having shown support for Alfonse's desire to fight in the Order of Heroes and receiving numerous letters from Sharena during the Order's battle against Embla and later Múspell.

Book III

Returning home from their battle against Múspell, Henriette warmly welcomes the Order back home, much to their surprise. She informs Alfonse that Gustav wished to talk with him as soon as possible. Their reunion is cut short when mysterious, ghostly Emblian soldiers attack the Order. Henriette immediately recognizes them as soldiers of Hel.

Book IV

After the battle against Hel, Henriette receives a report about a town in Askr trapped in an endless sleep. Believing that something is amiss, Alfonse and the Order of Heroes head to the town to investigate. Before they leave, Henriette gives them the Redolent Censer in case the area is filled with poisonous gas and wishes them good luck.

Book V

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When King Fáfnir of Niðavellir invades Askr, he goes up to Henriette and tries to force her open the Door of Askr, threatening to kill her if she does not comply. Henriette refuses and Fáfnir attacks her, but the Order of Heroes arrives right on time to save her and arrest Fáfnir.

"End of spoilers. It's a pleasure doing business with you!"

Forging Bonds

One night as Henriette was unable to sleep after a conversation with Eir, the queen began walking along the lake thinking about Gustav and what has happened between the kingdoms. At that point, Henriette encounters an alternate version of Gustav, though she's not frightened by his appearance. The two engage in a conversation where Gustav expresses his remorse that his legacy has been all about war, although Henriette tells her husband that he has led them, their family and the people of Askr that they can have a future. Telling him, he should be proud of that, Henriette and Gustav spend time near the lake engaging about their family and what they've accomplished. Eventually Alfonse and Sharena find their mother near the lake where she tells them she was spending time with someone dear to her to which she appreciates.


Unlike her very duty-bound husband, Henriette is a more upbeat and cheerful person, serving as a doting mother towards Alfonse and Sharena, as well as whimsical at times, leaving the castle with no guards and letting slip that Gustav had missed his son during their first reunion since prior to Alfonse joining the order. In fact, her personality is so similar to her daughter that, when Henriette impersonates Sharena, others point out that the two easily bear a striking resemblance.

Also unlike Gustav who placed duty over near everything due to his responsabilities as a King, she lends a more supportive approach to Alfonse and Sharena's personal goals, believing that they can accomplish anything they want.


Overflowing Love
Queen of Askr, adored by her people. Joining in on the Day of Devotion festivities alongside her family members.

Base Stats

Rarity: ✯✯✯✯✯

Heroes Henriette Overflowing Love Sprite.pngTitle
Overflowing Love
Heroes Armored.png Armored
FEH skill offense.png Unity Blooms+
FEH skill special.png Iceberg
FEH Fire Tome.png Tome


FEH skill offense.pngFire---
Unity Blooms-FEH Star Rarity 4.png-
Unity Blooms+-FEH Star Rarity 5.png-
FEH skill special.pngChilling Wind-FEH Star Rarity 5.png-
AFEH Distant Def 1.png Distant Def 1--
FEH Distant Def 2.png Distant Def 2FEH Distant Def 1.png Distant Def 1-
FEH Distant Def 3.png Distant Def 3FEH Distant Def 2.png Distant Def 2-
FEH Distant Def 4.png Distant Def 4FEH Distant Def 3.png Distant Def 3FEH Star Rarity 5.png
BFEH Slick Fighter 1.png Slick Fighter 1--
FEH Slick Fighter 2.png Slick Fighter 2FEH Slick Fighter 1.png Slick Fighter 1-
FEH Slick Fighter 3.png Slick Fighter 3FEH Slick Fighter 2.png Slick Fighter 2FEH Star Rarity 5.png
CFEH Atk Res Far Save 1.png Atk/Res Far Save 1--
FEH Atk Res Far Save 2.png Atk/Res Far Save 2FEH Atk Res Far Save 1.png Atk/Res Far Save 1-
FEH Atk Res Far Save 3.png Atk/Res Far Save 3FEH Atk Res Far Save 2.png Atk/Res Far Save 2FEH Star Rarity 5.png


Secret Book (Artwork).png
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Base Set

Valentines Henriette is in an especially rare unit type combination, a Red Tome Armor unit, shared only with Winter Tharja, a unit who was released over four years prior to her. She is, in nearly every category, a superior version of Winter Tharja. She has an impressive 40 Atk and magical bulk score of 82. She has a strong physical bulk score as well, scoring 77, allowing her to also check archers and take a stray hit if needed. Her only downside is her abysmally low 18 Spd which for most armors is a non-factor due to the effects of several powerful Armor only skills. While she may not be as dominant as her husband is, she still is an impressively strong Armor unit fit for any army who needs a magical ranged unit for an armor team or even protection against ranged units in general.
Unity Blooms+ is an inheritable Red tome that inflicts Atk/Res-5 on foes during combat if she is within two spaces of an ally. Given the synergy of this skill and one of her skills explained below, she has a means of pseudo bulk. In addition, after combat, if she attacked her foe, regardless if she damaged them or not, she recovers 4 HP, giving her a small, but still sometimes critical heal to ensure she emerges from a battle ready for the next fight.
Her 40 neutral Res means that Iceberg adds 20 true damage onto her enemy when it activates. Distant Def 4 gives her Def/Res+6 if she is attacked by a ranged unit while also ignoring their visible buffs during combat. Slick Fighter guarantees that Henriette can perform follow-up attacks when her foe initiates combat while also removing any penalties on her during combat. Atk/Res Far Save is a new type of Armor skill similar to the one introduced on Valentines Gustav, but hers deals with ranged enemies. If an ally within two spaces of Valentines Henriette is attacked by a ranged foe, Henriette gains Atk/Res+2 and the new【Savior】status. With this status, she will then intercept the attack intended for her ally. This skill can allow her to protect her allies who are unable to counterattack.


Unless Valentines Henriette is running either Close Counter or Close Foil, she is vulnerable to most melee range units who can attack her without fear of counterattacks. Blue units such as female Kris, Dimitri's various forms, and Brave Hector who have color advantage against her can pierce through her lower Def as can blue dragons who deal adaptive damage against her lower Def like some of the Corrins, Seiros, and the Blue Tikis. Being an armor unit, this also leaves her extremely vulnerable to armor piercing weapons like Micaiah and her various forms, especially her base form and her color advantage, Tsubasa, and Nephenee.

Skill Inheritance
Henriette's only empty slot is her Assist skill, which Swap and Pivot fits naturally well with armor units in general. Sol provides her even more regeneration and with her decent Atk, she can recover a solid amount on her own. Close Counter or Close Foil will allow her to shore up any enemy who tries to attack her at melee range without having to rely on another ally to do this.


Henriette/Heroes Quotes

Choose Your Legends Placement History

Round Placement Character Version Votes

CYL3 Ineligible
CYL4 Ineligible
CYL5 19

CYL6 111


Henriette is the feminine variant of Henry. It is of Germanic origin meaning "home ruler", matching her title as Queen of Askr.


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  • Henriette's critical quotes imply that at one point of her life something apparently terrible happened to her. Just by the quotes, it can be reasoned that she lost control because of some kind of power and that she's afraid of losing it again, reason why she holds back.
  • According to the Fire Emblem Heroes Character Illustrations Vol. 1 book, Henriette stands at 180cm (or about 5'11).