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You may be looking for the recurring Hero class.

The Hero (勇者 Yūsha, lit. Brave Hero) is the exclusive Promoted Class of Alm in Fire Emblem Gaiden and its remake Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia.


Like Alm's base class, the Fighter class, the Hero class is exclusive to him in Gaiden and Echoes and is essentially the game's equivalent of the Great Lord promotion for a main series Lord. Aesthetically, the class changes very little aside from adding a shield to Alm's arm, though he gains a new Status screen image. Alm cannot change into a Hero until Celica has encountered Halcyon, who then Promotes Alm immediately in Gaiden or grants the ability to promote the next time he visits a Shrine in Echoes.

The Hero class gives Alm the new ability to wield a Bow, giving him the ability to counterattack at range. Statwise, the Gaiden/Echoes version of Heroes is very combat oriented boasting impressive growth rates for Strength, Speed, Skill, and Defense. The classes most notable trait, however, is the 150% growth rate of HP, meaning that Alm is guaranteed to get at least 1 point of HP raised each level. It also boasts the highest HP Cap of all playable classes with 52 HP at its maximum. As with many classes in Gaiden, Resistance is a weak point for the class, as any Magical attack on him can inflict severe damage, though his Speed and Skill should allow him to dodge more often than not, mitigating some of this threat.


Base Stats

FE23616-1414101046--Sword, Bow
FE153616-1414101045--Echoes sword weapon type icon.pngEchoes bow weapon type icon.png

Maximum Stats

FE25240-40404040406--Sword, Bow
FE155241-41393941405--Echoes sword weapon type icon.pngEchoes bow weapon type icon.png

Growth Rates



Base ClassPromotion MethodPromoted Class
FE2FE2 Alm Map Icon.gifFighterHave Celica talk with Halcyon in Chapter 4.FE2 Alm Map Icon.gifHero
FE15Alm Fighter Echoes map sprite.gifFighterVisit the Shrine after Celica talks with Halcyon in Act 4.Alm Hero Map Sprite.gifHero
FE15 Alm Hero Map Sprite.gifHeroVisit the Altar of the King when the relevant unit reaches Level 20.Alm Conqueror map sprite.gifConqueror


  • The Hero class has the highest max HP (182) class base out of any class in the series, a trait shared with class it promotes from and the Dark God class. Due to the way the game handles class bases vs character bases, it is impossible to make use of the Hero class's base.
  • The Hero class is the only class in Gaiden that can use multiple types of physical weapons.