The Heroes' Relics (英雄の遺産 Eiyū no Isan) are a series of weapons important to Fire Emblem: Three Houses. Said to be weapons gifted to humanity by the Goddess, the Heroes' Relics were used by Nemesis and the Ten Elites in the War of Heroes.

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The Heroes' Relics hold immense power. Each Relic is powered by a Crest Stone, which makes the weapon have organic qualities and appear to be alive (such as the Lance of Ruin twitching in their in-game models). Each Relic has a particular affinity for a specific Crest, and an individual who has the corresponding Crest is able to draw out the Relic's full power. In-game, this means the ability to use the Relic's unique Combat Art.

While Relics can be used by anyone who is able to acquire them, if an individual lacking the resonating Crest attempted to wield it, they would risk being consumed by the malevolent energy inside the Relic, transforming them into a Demonic Beast. It is less likely for the transformation to occur if a person has a Crest, even if the Relic is not compatible with it, but it will simply work as a regular weapon.

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The tale behind the Heroes' Relics is a partial distortion of their true origins. In reality, they were crafted from the corpses of the Nabateans—the "Children of the Goddess"—who were slaughtered at Zanado by Nemesis and the Ten Elites. Their bones were used to create the weapons, while their hearts became the Crest Stones that imbued the weapons with mystical powers. The Ten Elites consumed their blood to gain their Crests and the immense power that came with them.

Seiros, the only survivor of the slaughter at Zanado, gathered the remaining Nabateans scattered across Fódlan to take revenge. She also swayed one of Nemesis' allies, Wilhelm I, to join her side and shared her blood with him to grant him the Crest of Seiros.

Although the Sword of the Creator does not have a Crest Stone, Byleth can still wield it, and is the only person who is able to. This is because Rhea implanted the Sword of the Creator's Crest Stone inside Byleth's heart while Byleth was a baby.

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List of Heroes Relics Edit

Heroes Relic Associated Crest
Areadbhar Crest of Blaiddyd
Aegis Shield Crest of Fraldarius
Blutgang Crest of The Beast
Crusher Crest of Dominic
Fetters of Dromi Crest of Aubin
Failnaught Crest of Riegan
Freikugel Crest of Goneril
The Lance of Ruin Crest of Gautier
Lúin Crest of Daphnel
The Rafail Gem Crest of Lamine
The Sword of the Creator Crest of Flames
Thunderbrand Crest of Charon
Thyrsus Crest of Gloucester
Vajra-Mushti Crest of Chevalier


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