Heroic Ordeals (英雄の試練 lit. Hero's Trial) is a game mode in Fire Emblem Heroes.

Overview[edit | edit source]

In Heroic Ordeals, players select a hero from their roster (not including heroes that have been sent home or turned Combat Manuals) as the Ordeal Challenger, and an additional unit to take on a map unique to the Challenger. Within 20 turns, both units must survive and defeat all enemies, with the Challenger defeated two or more enemies for the map to be cleared. Upon clearing the map, players are rewarded with Dragonflowers. The type of Dragonflowers depends on the Challenger's movement type, and the number of flowers depends on the date the Challenger was released. Players are rewarded with 2 Dragonflowers for heroes released during Book I period, 8 for heroes released during Book II and 40 for heroes released during Book III.

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