“Hey, I was waiting for you guys. I heard you saved Murphy, my son. Thanks to you, I was able to hide him in safe place, along with the other children. I'm Hicks, an Axe Knight of Munster. I was thinking it was about time to teach that Raydrik a lesson. I'll fight alongside you.”

Hicks is a playable character from Fire Emblem: Thracia 776. He is a knight of Munster who joins Leif after hearing about their efforts in rescuing children who were captured in the Child Hunts. He has a son named Murphy.


Hicks first appears in Chapter 6, where he waits any member of Leif's army to visit his home. If Leif's army had saved his son Murphy in Chapter 4x, Hicks will pledge his loyalty to them, vowing to teach Raydrik a lesson.

Hicks then goes on to continue supporting Leif in his cause to liberate Northern Thracia from the Grannvale Empire. He returns home to his family thereafter, where he keeps his axe at the ready to fend off any potential aggressors.


Due to Hicks' limited characterisation in Thracia 776, not much is known about him. But from what little screen-time he is given, it can be surmised that he is family-oriented, placing the needs of his family above that of his country. This can be seen in his choice to defect to Leif's army the moment he learns that it has rescued his son Murphy.



Name Class Chapter Affiliation Recruit
FE5 Axe knight
Axe Knight
6 Player Visit Hicks' home if you rescued his son Murphy in Chapter 4x

Base StatsEdit

Starting Class
FE5 Axe knight Axe Knight
SkillsWeaponStarting Items
-FE5 Sword IconSword - E
FE5 Axe IconAxe - C
FE5poleaxe Poleax
FE5vulnerary Vulnerary

Growth RatesEdit

HP Str Mag Skl Spd Lck Def Bld Mov
80% 35% 5% 40% 30% 55% 30% 30% 1%

Promotion GainsEdit

Item Required Promoted Class
Knightproof Knight Proof FE5 Great knight Great Knight
1 +2 +1 +3 +2 +2 +1 +1
Weapon Levels
FE5 Axe Icon +1


Secret Book (Artwork)
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Hicks is one of the most average units in all of Thracia. There is little about him that is terribly wrong, but also little that stands out. Compared to fellow Axe Knight Brighton, he lacks Wrath, but has slightly better bases and growths, along with a higher FCM and a support with Leif. He has enough combat skill to be a competent fighter in outdoor maps, and his availability, including the tail-end of the Munster arc, is fairly good. The fact that he can use his Poleax at base is another mild point in his favor, given that he will probably mostly be seeing combat against cavalry. He does not double very reliably unless trained extensively, and he is mostly useless indoors, as he will lose his axe rank and does not have the stats to fight with only E-rank swords. For the most part, he should be considered a filler unit if better characters are fatigued or dead.

Support BonusEdit

Supported by
Character Bonus
Fire Emblem 5 Leaf Portrait
  • Supports give a bonus to Hit, Critical, Avoid, and Dodge
  • Supporting characters must be within a three tile radius for the support to come into effect


Hicks - Father and Axeman (子持ちの斧騎士 Komochi no ono kishi)

"Declining a government post, Hicks instead returned home to his family, where he led a quiet life. But even when working, he always kept his trusty axe close at hand. He is said to be ever vigilant, constantly keeping watch for danger."


Death Quote Edit

“...Murphy... Guh...”
—Hicks' death quote in Thracia 776.

Escape Quote Edit

“Murphy, yer papa is doin' the best he can...”
—Hicks' escape quote in Thracia 776

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