The High Priest (ハイプリースト Hai purīsuto) is a combat and support magical class that is exclusive to the Jugdral Series of Fire Emblem. The promoted form of Priests appearing in the Jugdral Series, High Priests are primarily armed with staves for support purposes, alongside either Anima magic or Light magic for combat.

History in the Series[edit | edit source]

In its original inception in Genealogy of the Holy War, the High Priest class replaces the Bishop class as the promoted form of the Priest class, armed with Anima magic and Staves as its equipment of choice.

In Thracia 776, the High Priest class is again the promoted form of the Priest class, but wields Light magic instead of Anima Magic for combat purposes.

Following the end of the Jugdral era, the High Priest class is retired from the series, its role as the promoted form of the Priest class assumed by the Bishop class again with Bishops gaining the ability to use Light Magic.

In-Game[edit | edit source]

Base Stats[edit | edit source]

FE435012980385--FE4 Fire.png C FE4 Thunder.png C FE4 Wind.png C FE4 Staff.png A
FE518/16063/22/301-65/3-FE5 Light Icon.png E FE5 Staff Icon.png D

Maximum Stats[edit | edit source]

FE480152724233018235--FE4 Fire.png C FE4 Thunder.png C FE4 Wind.png C FE4 Staff.png A
FE580202020202020-2020-FE5 Light Icon.png A FE5 Staff Icon.png A

Growth Rates[edit | edit source]


Promotions[edit | edit source]

Base ClassPromotion MethodPromoted Class
FE4FE4 Priest Sprite (M).gifPriestChoose the "Class Change" option in the Home Castle when the relevant unit reaches Level 20.FE4 High Priest Sprite (M).gifHigh Priest
FE5FE5 priest.gifPriestUse a Knight Proof (FE5).pngKnight Proof on a Level 10+ Priest.FE5 high priest.gifHigh Priest

Notable High Priests[edit | edit source]


Genealogy of the Holy War[edit | edit source]

Thracia 776[edit | edit source]

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Rana as a High Priest.JPG
FE4 High Priest Sprite (M).gif
FE4 High Priest (F).gif
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