Chapter Quotes Edit

White Clouds Chapter 1: Three Houses Edit

Rivalry of the Houses (Mission) Edit

  • "Ouch! Was that really necessary?" (retreat quote, Black Eagles or Blue Lions route)

Crimson Flower Chapter 14: The Master Tactician Edit

"You didn't forget about me, did you? Maybe you should just let me go."

Vs Byleth Edit

  • "Professor! It's been too long. But now we're on opposite sides, huh? What a shame. I'm not going to hold back. I can't let down my dear old Claude."

Vs Marianne Edit

  • Marianne: "I-I'm so sorry, Hilda. I..."
  • Hilda: "It's OK, Marianne. These things happen in war."

Death Quote Edit

  • Hilda: "It's been fun Claude... Sorry to go so soon..."
  • Claude: "Hilda! Why didn't you retreat!? I counted on you retreating..."

Garreg Mach Monastery Edit

 Choir Practice Edit

  • "Singing’s OK, but I should really have a cute dance to go along with it."

Cooking Edit

  • "I'm a decent cook, but nothing to write home about. Don't set your expectations too high. Cooking can be kinda fun sometimes! Though not something I'd wanna do every day."

Dining Hall Edit

  • "It's kinda nice to break bread with you! Got any interesting stories to tell while we eat?"
  • "Yummy! Who made this? I’ll have to give my compliments to the chef." (Favorite dish)
  • "I'm glad you were here to distract me from how bad this tastes. Otherwise I wouldn't have finished." (Disliked dish)

With Claude Edit

Support Level

  • Hilda: OK, I am fuuuull. Want some, Professor? 
  • Claude: Don’t fall for it, Teach. Hilda’s gifts always come with a price. She’ll be asking you to do this or that for her in return, mark my words.

Support Level

  • Claude: This meager meal isn't enough to fill me up. I'd really prefer a daily, lavish feast!
  • Hilda: Feasts are special because they're kinda rare. If you had a feast every day, you'd start to be sick of 'em.

Support Level

  • Hilda: Thanks to you two, I get to sit down and enjoy this tasty meal.
  • Claude: A meal you can eat while listening to Hilda praise you is a gift all its own. Right, Teach?

With Marianne Edit

No support level:

  • Marianne: It's... delicious.
  • Hilda: I know! So tasty. It would be nice if you spoke up once in a while, though.

C support level:

  • Marianne: Food tastes better when I get to share it with you.
  • Hilda: I feel the same! Let's fill up so that we feel good and energized.

With Lorenz Edit

No support level:

  • Lorenz: I am pleased to dine with suitable companions.
  • Hilda: Is there such a thing as an unsuitable dinner companion?

C/B support level:

  • Hilda: Nothing like a tasty meal after some grueling work. Lorenz, you’ve hardly eaten anything.
  • Lorenz: There is no need to rush. I prefer to take my time.

A support level:

  • Hilda: Always happy to join the professor for a meal. Oh, and I'm glad you’re here too, Lorenz!
  • Lorenz: The pleasure is entirely mine, Hilda. 

Recruitment Edit

Requirements Not Met Edit

Requirements Met Edit

  • "Professor. I saw you looking at me. I know what that look means... You want to add me to your class! Just kidding. But if you did invite me to join, I'd consider it."
    • Invite to join your house: "I hope I can live up to your expectations. I look forward to learning from you!"
    • Decline to invite: "What?! I can't believe you would turn me down! Just kidding, of course! You know where to find me, if you change your mind."

Gifts Edit

  • "Ick. Thanks, I guess?"
  • "You're sweet. Thanks."
  • "I love it! Thank you so much."

Lost Items Edit

  • "Oh, you found it! Thank you so so much! You're a sweetheart."
  • "Never seen that thing before in my life. Good luck finding the owner."

Tea Party Edit

  • "Wow, thanks for inviting me!"
  • "Whoa! You got my favorite tea!"

Introducing Own Topic

  • "Everyone's so serious all the time. Boooooring."
  • "Have you ever cried, Professor? It's hard to imagine you crying."


  • "No boring lectures, OK?"
  • "Ugh... If you hear anything, it's not my stomach grumbling. Just so you know."

"Thanks for the tea. Invite me back sometime."


Instruct Edit

  • Bad: "I...don't get it."
  • Great: "I think I got the hang of it."
  • Great: "That was so helpful! Thanks."
  • Perfect: "Yeah! Who's the best? I'm the best!"
    • Praise: "I'm glad I put in some more effort... for once."

Group Tasks Edit

With Claude Edit
  • Hilda: Hey, Claude! You're looking so cute today. I have a quick favor to ask...
  • Claude: Wait, that's my line. You just try to get to work without slacking, OK?
  • Hilda: Me?! Look who's talking. You have no work ethic to speak of.
With Marianne Edit
  • Hilda: Hello, Marianne.
  • Marianne: My apologies if I cause you any trouble, Hilda.
  • Hilda: What trouble? You'll be all right. You look like a hard worker.
With Lorenz Edit
  • Lorenz: I am here to support you, Hilda. Just take this at your own pace.
  • Hilda: My own pace? Hm. Maybe I'll give it a shot.
  • Lorenz: Even the toughest task will seem easy when we combine our efforts!

Stable Duty Edit


  • "Let's do this together."

Clearing Rubble Edit

With Claude Edit
  • Hilda: Next time we have a fight like this, we should try to keep it away from the monastery.
  • Claude: Well, there are many factors to keep in mind... Huh. It's rare that you have an opinion on warfare.
  • Hilda: I just don't want to deal with the mess! Cleaning up rubble isn't my idea of fun.

Sky Watch Edit

Results Edit

Good Result

  • "Whew! Finally done."

Perfect Result

  • "Look, Professor! Not too shabby, right?"
With Claude Edit
  • Perfect result:
    • Hilda: Professor, look! I guess it pays off to put in a little effort sometimes.
    • Claude: Hey, all you did was cheer from the sidelines! You didn't do any work at all...
  • Perfect result (A support level):
    • Claude: Check this out, Teach. This is what happens when Hilda actually works at something!
    • Hilda: I didn't mean to do so well! Please don't raise your expectations.
With Marianne Edit
  • Good result:
    • Hilda: Done! Oof, I'm tired.
    • Marianne: I'm sorry I wasn't much help...
With Lorenz Edit
  • Perfect result:
    • Hilda: Look, Professor! I did it!
    • Lorenz: Wonderful performance, Hilda! I knew I was right to encourage your participation!

Level Up Edit

  • "Oh dear. Maybe I was too lazy." (0 to 2 stats up)
  • "I'm still a delicate flower, you know.'" (3 stats up)
  • "I think... Yeah. I'm definitely tougher. (4 stats up)
  • "Don't expect much more than that." (5 stats up)


  • "Not quite what I'd hoped for." (0 to 2 stats up)
  • "Hmm… Yep, I'm stronger now."
  • "It was the least that I could do." (5 stats up)
  • "I still have a long way to go." (6 stats up)

Skill Level Up Edit

  • "Huh, I'm actually pretty good at this."
  • "Oh yeah! Gettin' the hang of it!"


  • ""
  • ""

Budding Talent

  • "Go figure! I didn't know I had it in me."

Skill Mastered Edit

  • "Guess I've got that down."


  • ""

Class Quotes Edit

Certification Exam Edit

  • "Aw, shucks! I guess I did it." (passed)
  • (failed)

Class Mastery Edit

  • ""


  • ""

Reclassing Edit

  • "


  • "Hm. I see potential..."
  • "What do you think? Is this me?"
  • "Haha! This might be interesting..."
  • "I'd better tell my brother about this."

Battle Quotes Edit

When Selected Edit

  • "Who, me?" (Full/High HP)
  • "I could use a break." (Medium HP)
  • "I wanna go home!" (Low HP)


  • "Shall we?" (Full/High HP)
  • "I'll try...?" (Medium HP)
  • "Let's think about this..." (Low HP)

Enemy Deals 1 or No Damage or MissesEdit

  • ""
  • ""


  • ""
  • ""

Critical AttackEdit

  • "You're making me work!"
  • "That's enough!"
  • "Guess I have no choice!"
  • ”You asked for it!”
  • "You might as well give up!"


  • "You’re making me work!"
  • “That’s enough!”
  • "Guess I have no choice!"
  • ”You asked for it!”

Gambit Edit

  • "Oh! I got it!"
  • "I've got an idea."


  • "I know just what to do!"
  • "I've got an idea."

Gambit BoostEdit

  • ""


  • "We can handle that!"

Defeated EnemyEdit

  • "You lost to me?"
  • "I'm putting in work!"
  • "Ugh, I'm all sweaty!"
  • "Hilda! Hilda!"
  • "Sorry, did I hurt you?"


  • "Sorry, but it's you or me."
  • "Don't get used to this."
  • "I can’t afford to slack off."
  • "Ugh, fighting wears me out."

Ally Defeats Enemy Edit

  • "I'm impressed!"
  • "Go you!"
  • "A-mazing!"

Ally Heals/Rallies Edit

  • "Ooh, nice!"
  • "You're too kind."
  • "Thanks!"
  • "You're the best!"


  • ""
  • ""

Death/Retreat Quote Edit

“Guess that's it for me. I'll just go rest up or...something.”
—Hilda's retreat quote. (casual)
“I clearly tried too hard. I'll just go rest up or... something.”
—Hilda's retreat quote. (casual, war phase)
“I'm...dying for someone else? I can't believe this.”
—Hilda's death quote. (classic)
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