Beginning of Battle Edit

Intro Cutscene Edit

  • "Threaten Hoshido and you're done!"

Start of battle lines

  • "I'm not a pessimist by nature, but..."

Switching To Character Edit

  • "I'll take the lead!"

Support Initiation

  • (to Nohrian) "I never thought the day would come when you and I fought side by side."
  • "I suppose you and I should join forces."
  • (when not the leader) "I look forward to seeing you in combat!"

Ally Assist Edit

  • ""

Help Edit

  • ""

Critical Lines Edit

Alone Edit

  • "This is the opening we need!"
  • "Big mistake!"
  • "You're not ready for this."

Dual Strike (neutral) Edit

  • ""

As Support

  • "Let's hit them twice as hard!"

Dual Strike (special) Edit

With Corrin Edit

With Corrin as Vanguard

  • Hinoka: "Care to join in, Corrin?"
  • Corrin: "You can count on me!"

With Corrin as Vanguard (A Support Level)

  • Hinoka: “Your unstoppable, Corrin!”
  • Corrin: “Your right!”
With Ryoma Edit

With Ryoma as Vanguard

  • Hinoka: "We'll defeat them together, Ryoma!"
  • Ryoma: "Of course! Let's go, Hinoka!"

With Ryoma as Support

  • Ryoma: "Pick up the pace, Hinoka!"
  • Hinoka: "That goes for you, too!"
With Takumi Edit

With Takumi as Vanguard

  • Hinoka: "If we siblings stand united..."
  • Takumi: "...nothing can stop us!"

With Takumi as Support

  • ""
With Sakura Edit

With Sakura as Vanguard

  • Hinoka: "I need you on this, Sakura!"
  • Sakura: "Then you shall have me, sister!"

With Sakura as Support

  • Sakura: "Hinoka, will you join me?"
  • Hinoka: "We'll finish this together!"
With Leo Edit

With Leo as Vanguard

  • Hinoka: "All set, Prince Leo?"
  • Leo: "Always, Princess Hinoka!"

With Leo as Support

  • Leo: "Let us settle this, Princess Hinoka!"
  • Hinoka: "You got it, Prince Leo!"
With Cordelia Edit

With Cordelia as Vanguard

  • Hinoka: "It's good to have you with me, Cordelia!"
  • Cordelia: "I am honored to accompany you!"

With Cordelia as Support

  • Cordelia: "Lady Hinoka! Will you lend me your strength?"
  • Hinoka: "I'd be all too happy to!"
With Caeda Edit

With Caeda as Vanguard

  • Hinoka: "Princess Caeda, guard my flank!"
  • Caeda: "We make for a good team!"

With Caeda as Support

  • Caeda: "Princess Hinoka, I'll help!"
  • Hinoka: "Thanks! You take that side."
With Minerva Edit

With Minerva as Vanguard

  • Hinoka: "They won't be ready for us at all, princess Minerva!"
  • Minerva: "Hah! Let's make them scatter!"

With Minerva as Vanguard (A+)

  • Hinoka: "Princess Minerva, are you ready?!"
  • Minerva: "Yes! Just leave it to me!"

With Minerva as Support

  • Minerva: "Let's take them as one, Hinoka!"
  • Hinoka: "I've been looking forward to this, princess Minerva!"

With Minerva as Support (A+)

  • Minerva: "Might I ask for your help, Hinoka?"
  • Hinoka: "I'm ready when you are!"

During Battle Edit

Praise Edit

Giving Praise Edit


  • "I'm always fascinated to see you fight."
  • "Such bravery... It was an honor to behold!"
  • "I admire your effort!"
  • "You show true valor. I'm glad we're not enemies."

Praise Reply Edit

  • "I couldn't have done it without you."
  • "All that matters is that I do my share."

Encounter enemy Camilla  Edit

  • Hinoka: "Princess Camilla... I've been wanting to settle things between us."
  • Camilla: "Are all Hoshidans as coarse as you?"

Enemy KO Lines Edit

  • "See where training hard gets you?"
  • (defeating a nohrian) "Did you get a good look at the might of a Hoshidan warrior?"

Defeating Rowan Edit

  • "You've really improved! Before long, no one will stand in your way anymore!"

Defeating Sakura Edit

  • "I'm impressed Sakura. You may actually beat me one day."

Defeating Camilla Edit

  • "Hmph. I got the better of you this time Princess Camilla."

All Forts Taken Edit

  • "We fought harder than anyone else. Of course we won!"

Death Lines Edit

  • (as ally) "I shouldn't have been overconfident. I'm sorry, but I must withdraw."
  • (as enemy) "This wasn't the plan!"

Game over Line Edit

  • "Dammit! What was are mistake? It time we retreat!"

Stage clear Line Edit

  • "The day is ours!"

After Battle Edit

Victory Cutscene Edit

  • "All right! We'll lead this army to victory!"

MVP Edit

  • "Ha! Looks like I'm on top this time."

Level Up Edit

  • "Nothing scares me now."
  • "I won't rest on my laurels. There's always more to learn!"
  • "I'm eager to reach new heights!"

Support Increased Line Edit

  • "I learned something about you today."

Class Change Edit

  • "Well? Do I look tough?"
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