“I live in Oasis town, which is north of here. Oasis town was peaceful once, but the conditions have worsened due to the continuing war. Now we are ruled by the ruffians and deserting soldiers. I went out to Sene city to ask for the help of Prince Runan instead of the mayor.”
—A maiden from Oasis Town seeking help

Holmes The Hero is Map 14 of TearRing Saga: Utna Heroes Saga.

Events[edit | edit source]

Duel of swordsmen[edit | edit source]

If the player has sent Vega with Holmes's team at the route split earlier in the game, has Shigen listen to Krisheena's request in the event earlier, and deploys all three of them on this map, Vega and Shigen will duel each other at the start of the map. This increases their support level with one another, as well as with Krisheena, but at the cost of bringing both Vega and Shigen to 1 HP.

Rescuing Plum[edit | edit source]

If Plum was kidnapped in Map 10, then she can be rescued by either Holmes or Barts and will be re-recruited with the Dance skill.

Initial Enemies[edit | edit source]

Total: 24

Items[edit | edit source]

House[edit | edit source]

Drop[edit | edit source]

Map Clear[edit | edit source]

You are able to pick 5 out of 28 treasure chests.

TS Map 14 - Treasures.png

1. Gold Bag
2. Saint Proof
3. Magic Plus
4. Gold Bag
5. Armourslayer
6. Repeater Bow
7. Defence Plus
8. Gold Bag
9. Far-Healing Staff

10. Gold Bag
11. Wlv Plus
12. Gold Bag
13. Magic Shield
14. Luck Plus
15. Gold Bag
16. Power Plus
17. Knight Proof
18. Agility Plus

19. Skill Plus
20. Gold Bag
22. Gold Bag
23. Hero Proof
24. Elixir
25. Steel Shield
26. Gold Bag
27. Hell Fire
28. Max HP Plus

Shops[edit | edit source]

Armory[edit | edit source]

Name Price
Estoc 1320G
Armorslayer 2200G
Piluim 1500G
Blizzard 3000G
Heal 2200G

Shop[edit | edit source]

Name Price
Magic Shield 8000G
Door Key 500G

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • During the fight between Vega and Shigen, both Vega and Shigen use skills that they possibly don't have - Vega uses Rising Dragon (which he learns, but only at level 15), while Shigen uses Earth Saint (which he can never learn at all).
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