The Holy Tomb is a location in Fire Emblem: Three Houses and the setting of the battles in Chapter 11, Throne of Knowledge and Rhea's Paralogue, Eternal Guardian.


The Holy Tomb is a site sacred to the Church of Seiros. It is a large, underground chamber housing caskets that contain Crest Stones, as well as a throne overseeing the expanse.

New Game+Edit

During a New Game+, it is possible to unlock the ability to visit the Holy Tomb outside of battle by visiting the amiibo Gazebo and scanning a Fire Emblem amiibo. During such visits, the player can wander the space surrounding the throne and find rare item and ingredient spawns. While it is possible to look into the distance at the wider expanse of the tomb where the battles in Chapter 11 and in Rhea's Paralogue take place, the player cannot descend the stairs to explore. Depending on when in the game the player visits the Holy Tomb, they will either encounter Sothis or the opposite gender version of Byleth before the throne.

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