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“I hope they are prepared to pass into oblivion. For this will be their final resting place!”

Homasa is a boss character in Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance. He is a Daein swordmaster, and subordinate of Petrine. He resents the Raven Laguz, but puts duty ahead of feelings.


Homasa appears in Chapter 19 where he is ordered by Petrine to stop the Crimean Army from progressing, with aid of the Raven tribe. His weapon of choice is a Sonic Sword. He bears a striking resemblance to Stefan and even has a special battle conversation with him. He also has a conversation with Zihark, the other male swordmaster, and as well as Ike. The ensuring battle sees the raven laguz deserting Homasa and he is killed.

Homasa was also taught swordplay by his father, as revealed in his battle conversation with Ike.


Despite playing such a minor role, Homasa has an ideal of following the path of the sword, as to most swordmasters in the Fire Emblem titles. He takes pride in his skill with the blade, believing that his enemies won't be able to follow up with its dance. Homasa also takes interest in others who possess a skill with the blade, (likely those he deems worthy of his match), and will put his duty aside for a duel and prove to them he is superior in level of skill. A fact is shown with Zihark, Stefan, and Ike, as he is amused of the men's swordstyle, and will approach them for a duel without allowing them to refuse; in Zihark's case. In Ike's case, he finds his style a bit awkward, strong, and unique compared to what he's experienced, and equals their levels when discovering Ike was taught swordplay by his father, due to Homasa being taught the same way. In Stefan's case, it is revealed Homasa holds a tone of jealousy when realizing there are individuals having skills beyond his reach. This is shown when he mocks Stefan's swordstyle, and even ranks him as a fencer. He is greatly angered when Stefan suggests him to sheath his blade due the low swordplay he possess compared to Stefan, but causes him to brashfully charge at Stefan and lose his life in the process.


Starting ClassAffinity
FE9 Homasa Swordmaster Sprite.png SwordmasterFE9Light.gif Light
SkillsWeaponStarting Items
FE9 Adept.gif AdeptFE9 Sword.png Sword - AFE9SonicSword.gif Sonic Sword
FE9SilverSword.gif Silver Sword
FE9Elixer.gif Elixir

Battle Conversations

Homasa: My sword is lightning! Do you think you can follow its dance?

Vs Ike
Homasa: Your fighting style is...unique. It is rough and awkward, yet terribly strong. Who was your teacher?
Ike: My father.
Homasa: Really? Then we are same. My father taught me to wield a sword as well. Neither of us can afford to lose.

Vs Zihark
Homasa: You are a swordsman as well. And, it appears, quite skilled! May I ask for a duel?
Zihark: I dislike contests with strangers, but I don't think I can refuse. Can I?
Homasa: Ki-yah!

Vs Stefan
Homasa: "It seems you're quite a fencer. Shall I teach you something?"
Stefan: "Sheathe your blade. If that's all the skill you possess, you're not ready to challenge me."
Homasa: "What?! Have at you!"

Vs Laguz
Homasa: "I've fought many of your kind before, and I know all of your techniques. Will you challenge me even so?"

Death Quote

“...The shame...”
—Homasa's Death Quote


  • Though his base animation and character looks no different than most Swordmasters in Path of Radiance, he wears no head gear, and his over coat is colored black with red flames. This gives him a more distinguished appearance from most other Swordmasters in the game.