The Home Castle is a gameplay mechanic that features in Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War. It is the first and primary castle controlled by the player in the current chapter. With the exceptions of Chapter 1/2 and Prologue/Final Chapter, it is a different castle from the ones in the other chapters. It serves the same role as thrones in defense missions in other titles, in that if it is conquered by the enemy, this will trigger a Game Over. Because of this, it is recommended to have a unit guarding it at all times (the Prologue suggests Arden for this role).

Like all castles in the game, units can shop, manage items, and use the arena, as well as promote if they are Level 20 or higher. Units can also use staves or dance while inside of the castle, with dancing refreshing every unit currently in the castle. While the Return staff cannot be used in it, the Warp staff can, and this can be used to easily train healers.

At the beginning of every chapter, each character in the player's team will have their own place in the castle. Units cannot trade places with each other and there are exactly 24 spaces inside of of the castle. Sigurd or Seliph will begin on the main throne, while Deirdre or Julia will begin on the smaller throne to the right side of the Lord's one. In the second generation, pairs of siblings (whether they be children or substitutes) will always begin next to each other.

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