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The Hoshidan Festival of Bonds (絆の白夜祭 Kizuna no Byakuya Matsuri lit. White Nights Festival of Bonds) is Xenologue 21 of Fire Emblem Fates, released in Japan on March 16, 2016. It has special conversations between parents and children, and special illustrations featuring the children characters.

Unfortunately, due to unknown circumstances, this and the Nohrian Festival of Bonds DLC was never released outside of Japan. This means the Great Lord and Lodestar classes are limited to one unit each along with their respective skills. Unofficial translations of the dialogue are available online.


The party visits Castle Shirasagi's city in another time and place to find that a festival is underway to celebrate the growth of children (analogous to Children's Day in real-life Japan.) Crooks have come looking to spoil the fun (possibly to steal gold decorations and other valuables), but the party has a chance to save the day and also share a few parent-child moments in the process.

This map features numerous special conversations for the children of Fates. Unlike the Hot-Spring Scramble from Awakening, these conversations are between the children and their parents. The conversations between the children and their non-determinate parent changes the dialogue they have with them. While most reveal more info about the child's time in the Deeprealms, numerous tidbits are revealed for the children. For instance, some retell their parent's romantic supports (such as Siegbert and Charlotte), reveal special skills the child inherited from the parents (such as Soleil inheriting Orochi's foresight), and personality traits and quirks inherited (such as Kana inheriting Setsuna's tendency to fall in to traps).

Dwyer, Forrest, Ophelia, and Nina have special conversations with Corrin even if they are not their child. Their conversations also change if Corrin is married to them.

Completing this chapter grants an Exalt's Brand, used to change a female unit into a Great Lord. Unlike Before Awakening, which only rewards the player with one the first time the Xenologue is completed, this Xenologue may be completed multiple times to acquire as many Exalt's Brands that the player desires.



The script for this Xenologue can be found here.


  • Nina's CG artwork erroneously depicts her with two right feet.


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