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“The two Hoshidans the Avatar spared, Rinkah and Kaze, take a captured the Avatar to Hoshido. There, they learns the surprising truth about their family ties. ”
—Opening Narration

Hoshido (白夜の同胞 Byakuya no Dōhō lit. Siblings of Byakuya in the Japanese version) is Chapter 4 of Fire Emblem Fates. This chapter takes place in Valley Settlement.


The script for this chapter can be found here.


Secret Book (Artwork) The following part of this article contains strategy; therefore, it is subjective, and may not work for everyone.

The general goal of this chapter is to clear out the enemies. Both Sakura and Hinoka are expendable, and retreat rather than being killed if they are defeated. However, if Hinoka survives, she gives a Concoction to the Avatar upon being spoken to. 

A few things are in your favor for this chapter. First off, Dragon Veins are scattered throughout the map that when used, effectively remove mountainous areas that severely hinder movement range. Secondly, you have 2 other units under your direct command, Kaze and Rinkah. Kaze can attack from range and his weapons lower enemy stats on hit (-2 Magic, -3 Defense and -3 Resistance) which recover 1 point per turn. Thirdly, Ryoma is an ally on this map and can easily dispatch the enemies with little effort. However, he is uncontrollable and does not gain any EXP from his fights, meaning that you will lose out on some valuable EXP. Finally, both Hinoka and Sakura are behind a small hill that drastically reduces movement range to 1 and effectively ensures only 1 enemy may attack at any one time. Before moving towards your Hoshidan allies under threat, be sure to Visit the nearby building to obtain the single Goddess Icon before continuing on. The Faceless on this map, apart from the 4 in the center which includes the boss for this map, will all move to attack Hinoka and Sakura.

Gradually make your way with your units over to Hinoka and Sakura, being careful to avoid the boss Faceless unit that stands on the small hill in the center of the map with 3 other Faceless in adjacent tiles. You can begin a short conversation with both Sakura and Hinoka if you wish (Hinoka can give you a set of Concoctions if you speak with her), but the main goal is to clear the map of Faceless. 

When approaching the 4 Faceless in the center of the map, take care to only enter the attack range of one at a time to lure them towards your trio of units. Have Kaze hit each one once to weaken their stats before finishing them off with your other two units, giving preference to your Avatar for experience gain. When the boss Faceless is dead, the chapter will be completed.