Hrym, located in the easternmost corner of the Adrestian Empire and near the border with the Leicester Alliance, is the domain of House Hrym.


The Viscounty of Hrym is separated from the County of Ordelia in the Leicester Alliance by the Airmid River.

In Imperial Year 1167, House Hrym attempted to defect from the Empire to the Alliance out of opposition to Emperor Ionius IX's policy of power centralization. House Ordelia provided aid to Hrym, but the Imperial army ultimately prevailed and quashed the rebellion. House Hrym's main bloodline was wiped out, and an adoptee inherited the title of Viscount Hrym. In addition, the Empire began interfering in House Ordelia's internal affairs in retaliation for its role in the rebellion, damaging its noble standing within the Alliance.

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In Imperial Year 1180, Ferdinand learned that his missing father, Duke Aegir, had been found in Hrym, which was beset by riots. Lysithea accompanied Ferdinand there as she was familiar with the territory.

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Known people from Hrym

  • Jeritza von Hrym - The current Viscount Hrym, who had been adopted into the house


Hrym (Old Norse: "decrepit") is a giant in Norse mythology, captain of the ship Naglfar. According to Norse Mythology, at the arrival of Ragnarök Hrym will set sail from Jotunheim to transport the giants towards the battlefield of Vígríðr.

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