Chapter Quotes Edit

White Clouds Chapter 2: Familiar Scenery Edit

First Kill Edit

  • "Allow me to clean this up for you, Lady Edelgard."

White Clouds Chapter 6: Rumors of a Reaper Edit

Vs the Death Knight Edit

  • Hubert: "You should withdraw from here."
  • Death Knight: "I don't take orders from you..."

White Clouds Chapter 9: The Cause of Sorrow Edit

Goddess Tower Edit

  • Hubert: "Here for a tryst, Professor? I won't interfere. I shall take my leave at once. Farewell."
  • Byleth:
    • Choice 1: "Just a moment."
    • Choice 2: "What do you mean, a tryst?"
  • Hubert:
    • Response 1:
    • Response 2: "You have arranged to meet someone here at the Goddess Tower, have you not?"
  • Byleth: "No, not at all."
  • Hubert: "I see. Apologies for the misunderstanding. Then I take you are unfamiliar with the rumors about this place?"
  • Byleth: "What rumors?"
  • Hubert: "There is an old legend that says promises made between lovers here are sure to be fulfilled. If you believe in that sort of thing. I would have expected you to be familiar with the story already, considering how popular you are. I was certain that someone had asked you here."
  • Byleth:
    • Choice 1: "I am not that popular."
    • Choice 2: "That is not the case."
  • Hubert:
    • Response 1: "On the contrary, I suspect those who wished to ask were simply too daunted to try. But thanks to their cowardice, I am gifted with this opportunity to speak with you."
    • Response 2:
  • Hubert: "It's clear you have never felt at ease around me, as a result of how little trust there is between us. I should get back to the ball, regardless. I imagine there would be quite a scene if you turned out to be lying."
  • Byleth: "You don't believe me?"
  • Hubert: "Trust is not in my nature. Good night."

As an Enemy Edit

White Clouds Chapter 1: Three Houses Edit

First Enemy Phase (Blue Lions) Edit

  • Edelgard: "Ferdinand, Hubert. If the enemy comes, stop them."
  • Ferdinand: "Leave it to us, although I could do this on my own."
  • Hubert: "Heh. Clearly not, or Her Highness would not ask me to watch your back."

First Enemy Phase (Golden Deer) Edit

  • Ferdinand: "I will fight on the front lines! I can stop the enemy's advance with grace."
  • Hubert: "Do you have Lady Edelgard's permission to-hmph. I suppose I've no choice but to provide cover."
  • Edelgard: "Thank you, Hubert. We are off to a terrible start."

Retreat Quote Edit

  • "Hmm. The new professor's rather strong. Suppose I'll have to call it a day."

White Clouds Chapter 12: To War Edit

Battle Quote Edit

  • "What you fail to appreciate is that we have, at our backs, a force you cannot hope to defeat."

Vs Byleth Edit

  • Hubert: "Lady Edelgard held you in such high esteem. In the end, however, it seems you are nothing more than a slave to your goddess."

Vs Black Eagles Member Edit

  • Hubert: "Such a shame. There are people in the Empire you truly care about, too, aren't there? I wonder what will become of them."

Retreat Quote Edit

  • "I can afford to fall back. We still have the advantage."

Azure Moon / Verdant Wind Chapter 17: Blood of the Eagle and Lion Edit

Battle Quote Edit

  • "You're interfering with the plan. Looks like I'll just have to get rid of you."

Paralogue: Foreign Land and Sky (Azure Moon, Verdant Wind, Silver Snow) Edit

Battle Quote Edit

  • "Brigid is a vassal of the Empire. You will not turn them against us!"

Vs Petra Edit

  • Hubert: "So, Princess of Brigid. Now we see where your loyalties truly lie. This, after we spared your life in return for naught but your fealty. How ungrateful."
  • Petra: "Ten years have been passed. The Empire has been changed, just as Brigid has!"

Vs Bernadetta Edit

  • Bernadetta: Ah! They're here! Help me!
  • Hubert: "Heheheh. Go on and scream, if it makes you feel better. But if you could die swiftly and without a struggle, I would greatly appreciate it."

Retreat Quote Edit

  • "Heh. No more I can do here. Troops, remember your orders. I must withdraw."

Paralogue: The Silver Maiden Edit

Battle Quote Edit

  • "Arianrhod is a crucial asset to the Empire. You will not pry it from our grasp."

Vs Byleth Edit

  • Hubert: "First Gronder Field, and now here. You certainly have a talent for getting in our way."

Retreat Quote Edit

  • "That's as far as I go... I'll withdraw...for now."

Azure Moon Chapter 21 / Verdant Wind Chapter 19 / Silver Snow Chapter 18: Our Chosen Paths / The Chaos of War Edit

Battle Quote Edit

  • "It's almost a shame to kill you. Not even death will make you consequential."

Vs Byleth Edit

  • Hubert: "I should have disposed of you a long time ago. I will rectify that failure here!"

Vs Dimitri Edit

  • Dimitri: "Hubert. I would tell you to get out of my way, but I hightly doubt that you would abide."
  • Hubert: "Heh. Your silver tongue will do you no good here. This is not your path to tread."
  • Dimitri: "That is not your decision to make, nor is it mine. All I can do is blaze ahead!"

Vs Claude Edit

  • Claude: "It's over, lapdog. Your military rule is at its end."
  • Hubert: "For every step you take along that path, our thorns will cut into your heels."
  • Claude: "Ooh, that sounds painful. I'll have to wear thicker soles for the march."
  • Hubert: "If your boots are too heavy, you won't be able to lift your feet. But enough prattle."

Vs Ferdinand Edit

  • Hubert: "Running into you in the capital like this-I have to say, it's almost sentimental."
  • Ferdinand: "Hubert. She must leave."
  • Hubert: "You really think you can make her?"
  • Ferdinand: "It does not matter what I think. Those are my orders."

Death Quote Edit

  • "We must place our Her Majesty... Her victory is everything..."

 Garreg Mach Monastery Edit

Choir Practice Edit

  • "Must I? Fine. But I will sing it solemnly. "

Cooking Edit

  • "Meat and fish are my area of expertise. Though I have still not mastered seasoning. Overcooked meat is too bland. I prefer it to be bleeding."

Dining Hall Edit

  • "While I have little interest in food, I will admit to a weakness for this one dish." (Favorite dish)
  • "You seem to dine with company often, unlike me." (Liked dish)
  • "I am not picky, but...honestly, this is terrible." (Disliked dish)

With Edelgard Edit

No Support

  • Hubert: "All I look for in a meal is a full stomach. You seem to be after something more than that, Lady Edelgard."
  • Edelgard: "True. I feel that sharing a table with people you're close to is a precious opportunity that should never be taken for granted."

A Support

  • Hubert: "Heh. When the three of us sit together like this at the table..."
  • Edelgard: "Let me guess, we look as though we're plotting something wicked? You realize you're mostly to blame for that."

With Ferdinand Edit

No Support

  • Ferdinand: "Why are we seated beside each other? I cannot enjoy my food with you sitting here."
  • Hubert: "Just shut up and eat."

C Support

  • Hubert: "Can we put our quarrel on hold, Ferdinand, at least while the professor is present?"
  • Ferdinand: "Of course, Hubert. We will finish eating and then continue our fighting elsewhere."

A Support

  • Hubert: "I know you prefer tea. I'll prepare some, if you like."
  • Ferdinand: "No, I'll have coffee. It has been a while. You sit here while I pour us each a cup."

Gifts Edit

  • "Studying my preferences? Clever." (Favorite gift)
  • "Thank you." (Liked gift)
  • "I don't need this, but all right." (Disliked gift)

Lost Item Edit

  • "Yes, that is mine. Thank you. Where did you find it?" (Noxious Handkerchief, Hrselveg Treatise, Folding Razor)
  • "Did you find this? I wonder who it belongs to..."

Tea Party Edit


  • "Did you summon me?"
  • "If you insist on inviting me here, I don't mind."
  • "I don't ordinarily drink tea, but in this case, I will gladly make an exception." (Favorite Tea: Cinnamon Blend, Dagda Fruit Blend)
  • "Hm... When it comes to tea, they say you get what you pay for." (Five star tea)

Introducing Own Topic

  • "House Vestra is one of few noble houses not to lay claim to any territory."
  • "Lady Edelgard has taken a liking to you. She will want to hear all about this."
  • "Most who spend time around me seem to become bored and depressed. Heh. Can't imagine why."
  • "Sometimes I like to imagine that you were sent to us by a rival of the goddess to bring her low."
  • "Sometimes your insights are so keen they seem to border on precognition."
  • "The head of House Vestra has always been a minister to the emperor."
  • "While I am quite busy, this is not a waste of my time. I’m grateful for the opportunity to observe you."
  • "As a humble servant to Her Majesty, I sometimes envy the status she has given you."
  • "For choosing to walk this path with Her Majesty, you have my eternal gratitude."


  • "Normally I'm the one with the unsettling stare."
  • "Hm... When it comes to tea, they say you get what you pay for."
  • "Yes. I wear a hidden dagger on my belt. How astute of you to notice."
  • "I hid my dagger in my sleeve today. You noticed immediately, didn't you?"


  • "Soothing."
  • "I prefer coffee."
  • "Come, now."
  • "Professor."
  • "Yes."
  • "How would that be?"
  • "Hm?"
  • "Oh my..."
  • "So it is..."
  • "Surely not."
  • "Quite."
  • "What?!"
  • "Pfsh."


  • "Thank you. This was more enjoyable than I thought."


Instruct Edit

  • Bad: "That makes things difficult."
    • Critique: "I will humbly reflect on this."
    • Console: "Your concern is unnecessary."
  • Great: "Your instruction has been beneficial."
  • Great: "Hm. One step closer to mastery."
  • Perfect: "It's all in hand."
    • Praise: "Heh. Flattery will get you nowhere."

Group Tasks Edit

With Edelgard

  • No Support
    • Hubert: "No need to concern yourself with trivialities, Lady Edelgard. I will handle this."
    • Edelgard: "Hubert, the whole point is for us to achieve this together, don't you think?"
    • Hubert: "Perhaps you're right. Then let's see it done quickly."
  • A Support
    • Edelgard: "Being preoccupied with Imperial duties is no excuse. Here at Garreg Mach, I must do my part as a member of the team."
    • Hubert: "I would advise you to pace yourself, but it's probably pointless. Let's proceed."

With Ferdinand

  • No Support
    • Ferdinand: "I do not believe I am required to team up with you."
    • Hubert: "I would rather work with almost anyone else, but I will do what must be done."
    • Ferdinand: "Hm. Of course, we will both do what we have to. But do not drag me down to your level."
  • B Support
    • Ferdinand: "Hubert, working with you is...acceptable. I suppose."
    • Hubert: "Very well. Same here."
    • Ferdinand: "Ha. It seems we are in agreement."
  • A+ Support
    • Ferdinand: "No wall is too high for us to scale, now that we understand and respect each other."
    • Hubert: "Must you be so dramatic? Let's just get this done."
    • Ferdinand: "Do not spoil it! Let me enjoy the moment, please."

Weeding Edit

With Edelgard

  • Hubert: "I cannot stand to see you reduced to this menial task."
  • Edelgard: "Everyone else does it, and I will too. I don't want any special treatment."
  • Hubert: "I am all for equality, but this is a matter of suitability."

Clearing Rubble Edit

With Edelgard

  • Edelgard: "It's rather impressive how well we destroyed this place. Some areas are still useless."
  • Hubert: "The emperor cleaning out the monastery. Heh. What a ridiculous image."
  • Edelgard: "Quiet, Hubert. We've set up base here, so what choice do we have?"

Results Edit

With Edelgard

  • Perfect result:
    • No Support
    • A Support
      • Hubert: "Good results come easily for the two of us."
      • Edelgard: "We are the emperor and the Minister of the Imperial Household, after all."
  • Good result:
    • No Support
      • Edelgard. "We gave no good excuse for it, but somehow we came up short."
      • Hubert: "Agreed. The bar may have been set rather too high."
    • A Support
      • Hubert: "Honestly, an average result should disappoint an extraordinary pair like us."
      • Edelgard: "Right you are. The two of us should have done much better than this."

With Ferdinand

  • Perfect result:
    • No Support
      • Ferdinand: "Look at this beautiful achievement! Hubert was no help at all though."
      • Hubert: "Your inability to face reality is just another reason you are inferior to Lady Edelgard."
    • B Support
      • Hubert: "Seems our rivalry worked in our favor."
      • Ferdinand: "We were just lucky. I am glad we have a positive result to report, however we achieved it."
    • A+ Support
      • Hubert: "For the two of us, this was only a trifle."
      • Ferdinand: "I feel the same, Hubert. The professor must be pleased with our glorious triumph as well."
  •  Good result:
    •  No Support
      •  Hubert: We could have done better if we had each been more willing to compromise.
      •  Ferdinand: You are right about that. We were both stubborn for foolish reasons.
    • B Support
      • Ferdinand: You need to stop being so stubborn! We were never quite working in concert.
      • Hubert: I could say the same to you. We're lucky to finish this with so little trouble.
    • A+ Support
      • Ferdinand: Hm. That was hardly calamitous, but we could have done better.
      • Hubert: Quite right. Let's be sure to improve for next time.

Certification Exams Edit

  • "I've passed, have I? Hm." (Passed)
  • "A wasted opportunity." (Failed)

Level Up Edit


  • "This is harder than expected."
  • "I still have a long way to go."
  • "Any experience is worth having."
  • "This strength will serve Lady Edelgard well!"


  • "A laughable improvement, but it's something."
  • "Not my goal, but a means to an end."
  • "It is all for Her Majesty."
  • "To kill is to grow stronger."
  • "A ceiling. I'll break through it somehow." (Upon reaching Level 99)

Skill Level Up Edit

New Skill Edit


  • "Ah, it's clear to me now."
  • "Perhaps I’ve been well taught."
  • "The battlefield has much to teach."


  • "I suppose this will serve me well."
  • "This should prove useful."
  • "The battlefield has much to teach."

Budding Talent Edit

Skill Mastered Edit


  • "Another skill mastered."


  • "To kill or not to kill is my choice alone."

Class Quotes Edit

Class Mastery Edit


  • "Another skill mastered."


  • "To kill or not to kill is my choice alone."

Reclassing Edit


  • "Heh, this suits me well."
  • "I'll have this down in no time."
  • "I welcome a change of pace."


Battle Quotes Edit

When Selected Edit


  • "As you wish." (Full/High HP)
  • "Still unstoppable." (Medium HP)
  • "No matter what." (Low HP)


  • "I'll cut a bloody path." (Full/High HP)
  • "No matter what." (Medium HP)
  • "I can do more!" (Low HP)

Enemy Deals 1 or No Damage or MissesEdit


  • "Pathetic!"
  • ""


  • ""
  • ""

Critical AttackEdit


  • "Bwahahahahahaha!"
  • "Watch how weak you are!"
  • "I have no need of you!"
  • "Just a bug to squash!"


  • "Prepare to die!"
  • "We will burn together!"
  • "Bow before Her Majesty!"
  • "There will be no mercy!"

Gambit Edit


  • "Marvel at our strategy!"
  • "My plan is flawless!"


  • "Marvel at our strategy!"
  • "It's life or death!"

Gambit BoostEdit


  • "Shall I help?"


  • ""

Defeated EnemyEdit


  • "For Lady Edelgard."
  • "You worked hard for nothing."
  • "You could have at least tried."
  • "How humiliating."
  • "Hardly worth my time."


  • "Her Majesty wills it."
  • "Her will demands it."
  • ”What a bother.”
  • "A waste of time."
  • "Hardly worth the effort."

Ally Defeats Enemy Edit

  • "You're better than I thought."
  • "A fine display."

Ally Heals/Rallies Edit


  • "Unexpected."
  • ""


  • "I thank you."
  • ""

Death/Retreat Quote Edit

“Rendered useless... Lady Edelgard... forgive me.”
—Hubert's retreat quote. (casual)
“I can fight no longer. I must pull back...”
—Hubert's retreat quote. (war phase)
“Your Majesty, I die so may seize your destiny.”
—Hubert's death quote. (classic) *unused*
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